Saturday, October 23, 2010

An Evening of Old Fashioned fun!

Sometimes an activity is spotted in a local paper and you pause and think...that looks like fun.  And sometimes you take the chance to check with friends to see if they would like to go for it and join you.  And sometimes that outing happens at just the right moment in your life and makes everything seem all better.  

That activity seemed a little over-priced going into it, but the old fashioned trick or treat outing at a near by park turned out to be wonderful.  The weather was decent enough that we survived as the sun set and night fell.  

Uncle Greg saw a NASA costume at a science museum he recently visited.  He splurged, bought it, got it in the mail, and it arrived an hour before we were to leave on our first Halloween dress up outing for the season.  Happy Birthday, Charley!  So the NASA astronaut and Buzz LightYear are the costumes for the year and I can't stop smiling! 

Friends that came into our life when Charley was Henry's age joined us and made the outing that much more enjoyable! 

The Old Fashioned Trick or Treat experience was awesome.  The treats they were given were just that, old fashioned (taffy, sucker stick things, a jacob's ladder game, crayons, etc.).  The people were dressed up...old fashioned.  And they were all sitting outside of the little houses that this park is known for.  We will go back to get a peek inside the one room school house, doctors office, and more. 

As the kids, and adults, started to get a little too chilled we were guided back to the horse drawn trolley by candlelight.  And as we walked out all four adults agreed we would do this again, definitely.  The amazing thing is...both of us moms are pregnant.  Which means next year - we will both be pushing strollers ... and that is unreal but also so exciting! 

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The Tompkins Family said...

The kids look TOO cute in their costumes! Looks like they had a blast!


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