Sunday, October 24, 2010

Are you Ready for some....

It is once again Sunday...and the stakes are high!  Packers play the Vikings and our hearts are pounding hard for a win!  It is the ultimate satisfaction to live in the land of the Purple People and earn a victory against them...especially with Favre in their pockets now. 

  Many years ago, before we were married, I became the ultimate girlfriend because of a family connection.  My dad went to college with a guy named Paul.  And their friendship expanded when their "first ladies" became great friends.  Kids became part of the weekends at hotels...New Years celebrations...weeks up north...Paul was a reader at our wedding...the evidence continues...they are special family friends.  They became heroes when they offered Ed season tickets ( they get 6 and they were willing to sell two of them to him) and it has been happening for longer than I even I said, before we were married.  Ed sells them off to his good buddies and a few lucky Packer fans that we discover each year. 

Whether you are a Packer fan or not...there is no experience, I hear, that is like the Sunday afternoon atmosphere in the Midwest city of Green Bay, Wisconsin.  The tailgating, the spirit, the team apparel that people wear to show their support, the parking on lawns, the Bloody Mary's at 9 am or earlier, the high fiving, and more.  If you have the opportunity to attend a game or roam the streets prior to a game - TAKE IT!  It is good for your soul - whether you LOVE football or not. 

Thanks to Grandma Charlie and Great Grandma Penny, Ed and I got to escape the daily grind of being parents and pretend it was 8 years ago, before were were married.  When we held hands, and enjoyed an adventure of our own for the day.  I found peace knowing my boys were in complete heaven and I was with my best friend, and he was in heaven.

We got to experience the fly over this game.  It is something that takes your breath away and brings tears to my eyes every time I get to sit and let it sink in.  It is unlike anything and it is such a moment of Country.  I can not find the words to describe it. 

And as the game is about to start the crowd roars and the fans have a feeling that anything is possible.  Anything!

Oh, I forgot to mention that whether you are a woman who enjoys the game of football or the nachos at the stand around the corner...I am guessing we all can appreciate this!

When it is all said and done, we didn't get the glory of a win.  But we are hoping that this Sunday we do!  And so as we watch the beginning of the game and we think of Paul and Betty sitting, bundled up, sharing a spiked cherry with our friends Casey and Katie, surrounded by the green and gold crowd we will remember our afternoon sharing in the Packer pride.  Even if I opted to wear maternity clothes instead of Packer wear. 

An experience unlike any other. 
Spent with my husband - the man that keeps me grounded.
And shares in the touchdowns and Lambeau leaps of our life together. 


Barb said...

Wow! Yes, just got up, and what a wonderful way to start my day, reading about your Packer experience.

Anonymous said...

VERY CUTE outfit preg sis! i'm jealous. i NEVER looked that cute. this post has made me jealous i didn't snatch up that ticket for the COLD january game. RR

Danifred said...

What a great post! Love seeing pictures of you.

Anonymous said...

That's when you steal a male family member's Packer sweatshirt. I went to the hospital wearing DH's Packer sweatshirts to deliver my little boys and we watched Packer games in the hospital with both of them (one post-season and one pre-season).

Anyway, PACKERS WON!!!!! (and if you're a Badger fan, yet another exciting game!)

Glad you had a great time at the game and the littles at the Dells. And NICE shot of Donald :-D

Nicole said...

I have very similar pictures of my own sitting in probably the very same seats, seeing the flyby and even having spiked cherries! :) Being able to go to those games has given me a lifetime ability to talk about going to lambeau field and the awesome experience it is! So thanks for spreading the love with your tickets!


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