Monday, September 20, 2010

Where are we at this gloomy Monday morning...

We have survived another early morning (5:45) without any cartoons.  On Friday we did decide that Fridays deserved a cartoon - so that is our new tradition!

We at pancakes - since my boys were starving since I deserve the Mother of the Year award and fed them only a small slice of cheese cake for dinner last night. Ed looked disappointed by that but he didn't do anything about it.

Henry has a doc appointment this morning because yesterday his right ear slowly got more and more swollen and is now sticking straight out. It is actually quite amazing. He also has a runny nose. So we will be taking it easy this week.

Charley is packed for his second full week of Kindergarten. His take home folder is packed with papers to return and two envelopes with money for parties and a field trip. As he carried it TO his backpack both envelopes fell out. I think I will email his teacher quick and tell them they are coming.

It is raining so I will drop him off...yes wussing out of the walk in the rain, but I need to run Henry to the doc quick after.

Charley was just stomping by in his shoes. Yes, muddy. Yes, I am speaking calmly and typing very softly right now.

My tailbone is still really sore. I slipped carrying Henry down the stairs and fell down 5 stairs. Baby is still kicking in there and things seem just fine and dandy...although I am a little more hesitant to plop down on a hard chair.

My computer is back in the shop. It is going to cost us a little...$97 on top of the new cord. But still fairly cheap for computer repairs...I think. Obviously, I have had two good reminders to slow down and be a little more careful. The pregnancy clumsiness is in full swing.

We will have a quiet afternoon here once we are back from doc, Target, and picking up Charley. I will make my meal group meals and do a few loads of laundry. Henry might get a nap in otherwise a cuddle and a cartoon and maybe a little craft is in their future.

Life is good this fine Monday morning...besides the mud on the floor, the mound of laundry to do, the doc office awaiting us with more germs to spread, and the runny nose waiting to be wiped by my little monster who is sporting his Green Bay Packer Jersey today - GO PACK GO!


Goings on at the Glenn's said...

pretty gloomy over here too. The kids and I are all sick with colds and now I have a sore throat. I fully understand the pregnancy clumsies. Hang in there and take it easy. Last year when I was pregnant with Ethan I was just taking a VERY short walk to the mailbox and sliped on the sidewalk and fell into the very full gutter. Needless to say I got soaked and scraped up and landed on my stomach a bit. But Ethan was fine. I am hoping this time around with me I can avoid any major spills.

Danifred said...

Despite a crazy morning, it sounds like you've got it all under control. Hope the rest of the day goes smoothly for you!

Rebecca said...

I can't believe you fell...that is so scary! You should totally take a picture of the ear. That sounds like something the rest of us nosy souls would be interested in! Hope your week turns up and that there's more cheesecake involved! Yum!!

Jennifer said...

I wish I was having dinner with you...cheesecake sounds really good right now! I love how you described your husband's reaction.


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