Thursday, September 16, 2010

Volunteering in Kindergarten

This morning I volunteered in Charley's classroom for the first time. Henry tagged along and was a big helper. I had a little time before my assigned task was to take place (I was asked to take pictures of each of the kids). So I headed over to the volunteer table and we stapled a large stack of field trip slips. Henry did the stapler and I held the papers. We made a good team. They also have an area of kitchen and toy type stuff that Henry could have kept busy with but he was very adamant that he wanted to help.

Here are a couple things I got to witness:

1. All three kindergarten rooms were quiet and busy the entire time I was there.

2. During the first fire drill I realized how much I, as an old first grade teacher, appreciates those Kindergarten teachers for getting them to walk in lines and master the hustle of the fire drill. The line thing is still a bit of a challenge for the half day kids.

3. Charley has talked about one little boy the last couple of days of school. He wants to exchange phone numbers so they can have a play date because this little boy knows a LOT about Star Wars. When this little boy came out to the hallway for his picture he informed me, "I know your son." HAHA! LOVE THAT! He tried to give me his phone number but it was going to take a good 30 minutes to get it out and it wasn't going to be correct. So I explained I would connect with his mom one of these days.

4. Walking out of the school I saw a 3rd grade girl use her foot to dispense the paper towels. Um....I use my foot to flush toilets but I guess I assumed when I touched the paper towel thing that only hands or elbows touch that handle. I know better now.

5. Henry walks confidently through out this school and he will be SO ready for Kindergarten when his time rolls around.

6. While sitting there I realized so much of what I miss about teaching. And yet, while I was looking at the volunteer table I realized how much I didn't miss. Because if the volunteers don't show up guess who is stapling those field trip forms, cutting out the cornucopias, and tearing apart book orders. Yep, that is the stuff I don't miss.

I think Henry and I will make a little time each week to venture in to do a little something. But we'll see how it all flows. The routine this week is pretty much chaos. My sister is lacking emails from me. I have had to blog in big spurts. I have not gotten a little nap (I know, poor Sarah.) and the pick up drop off thing needs a little tweaking so we aren't sitting too long waiting at either end.

But as the week comes to an end I can see it is going to be a great year - for all of us.


Shell said...

I miss some of teaching, too...but definitely not all of it.

I can't volunteer yet- no volunteers for the first 6 weeks of school. :(

Anonymous said...

i love to hear the details of charley in school so....i'm glad your volunteering so we can have a glimpse into his life!!! share share share! RR


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