Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sewing project #1: pillowcases

This weekend my Mother-in-law came to stay for a few days while Ed went on a weekend golf trip.  I have been thinking about investing in a sewing machine but have not taken the plunge.  She kindly got her old machine tuned up and brought it for me to borrow.  Giving me a chance to putter around with the hobby to see if I can find physical space and "me" time to start and finish a project. 

She is working on a quilt that will compliment Charley's quilt so that when they are bunk mates their beds will coordinate nicely.  While finishing up the fabric shopping I grabbed up some fun fabric for some extra pillowcases.  This blue matched and seemed very boyish.  I liked the skull and bones combined with the innocent stars.  We teamed it up with some of the red and white dots from the quilt/curtains/ etc in the room. 

So she reminded me how to thread the needle/machine, fill a bobbin, and do some basic stitches.  Together we tackled a new pillowcase pattern and I made two pillowcases for my two boys.  I am so proud.  Notice how the seams are finished!  WOO HOO!  They are excited for me to wash them up so they can use them.

The frustrating thing to me...the fabric, thread, and time add up to way more than I would have spent at Target on two pillowcases - granted they wouldn't be the design or colors I wanted.  But it makes me mad that making my own pillowcases isn't cheaper than buying them.  And it makes me sad that we pay so little for something that someone, somewhere in the world is working hard to make.  Anyways, I know that the pride I felt, the quality, and the look is priceless. 

Thanks Grandma Charlie for giving me a lesson and letting me borrow your machine.  I have two more pillowcases that just need to be pinned and sewn together.  I have a goal of accomplishing this before I see her in October!  So that I can get another lesson on my next project. 


One Take On Life - Heather said...

Fun project! I want to learn to sew, but it is the time thing that gets me.
Where did you shop for fabric? Fabric is crazy expensive. I know a place locally that has deals, given still expensive but my mom and I love their stores

Grandma Charlie said...

As always, it was my pleasure! Looking forward to the second set of pillowcases, and another project soon.

Anonymous said...

how will you have time to tackle anything when the new baby comes? haha! get it out now!!! I love my sewing machine but it hasn't been out of the closet since we moved
:( i love those pillowcases-the boys will love them. RAINA


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