Wednesday, September 15, 2010

a couple of quick updates...

1. Fall soccer has started. Two weeks ago Charley scored 3 goals during his game. HUGE! This past weekend he had Grandma in his cheering section and he seemed oblivious to a game. I did give him a thumbs up from across the field when he masted the art of cartwheeling!

2.  I do not sleep well when Ed is not home.  Glad he returns this evening.  Henry decided he doesn't sleep so well either.  Which means that every time I did actually fall asleep I was startled awake.  I feel like I am walking in a haze.

4.  It is 2:13 and I am thinking of a really good friend who might be finding out news today that will change her life.  I am praying for happy news!

5.   My mac had some issues the other day due to my clumsiness.  I just have to say...that living so close to an Apple store is heavenly.  Everything I have had issue with has been fixed for free by visiting them.  It is easy to make an appointment.  They are the coolest people and I swear, yesterday there were at least 25 employees busy working with people ranging in ages 18-80 on little lessons on how to do things with their apple machines (mac books, ipads, ipods, iphones, etc).  The store was so busy.  The energy is astounding.  And since I was able to get my computer fixed for free...well let's just say I will be enjoying a new pair of maternity jeans with less guilt. 

6.  We need groceries.  Anyone want to watch my boys so I can run without dragging them in the rain.  Kidding.  Henry and I will venture on that adventure tomorrow.  We have been filling our mornings really easily.

More blogs to come.  It is that kind of afternoon.  


The Tompkins Family said...

WOW with the pop!! I don't drink that many in a year! All those chemicals and aspartame cannot be doing her body any favors!

Anonymous said...

crazy about the pop.
she needs a change. did she think it was weird when you guys asked her? RR


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