Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Henry update...

During our quiet morning at home today Henry wandered off to go potty. He proudly came out and announced that he had gone poopy! WOO HOO! SO Proud of him!

Yesterday at the doctor he had to get his throat swabbed for strep. After it was done and he was crying he told me, "Go get Charley now." Poor guy is still dealing with this every morning predicament.

When I say no to something he responds in the most defeated voice "NEVER EVER!  I NEVER EVER!"

He is falling asleep without his nuk and staying asleep through the night but he likes to listen to us me tell a story as he falls asleep and when he wakes in the 5-6 o'clock hour he is up for the day.

He can take Charley down and is the one to start all the physical romping these days.  It is very frustrating.

During lunch he initiates the catch up with Charley.  He asks with a tip of his head, "Hey Char, what you do at school today?" 

This morning I heard him saying "Eli!  Eli! LieJah! LieJah!" after he saw a new picture of his cousin Eli that I hung up. 

He is our Henry and he is one of a kind.  And Ed and I catch each other's eyes throughout the evening with smiles over the little things he says and does. 


Shell said...

oh, he's such a cutie!

And I love your header! You are adorable.

Crystal said...

So cute! Gracie sounds a lot like Henry - especially with the getting the romping started! Gracie is always attacking Peyton these days.

Love the header too - the underwear picture is awesome!

Jessica Warrick said...

They grow up so fast dont they...he is such a cutie

Anonymous said...

i love henry stories. they are hilarious! RR

gschneider said...

aw. I wonder if I felt that way when you went to school...

Jennifer said...

Awww, he is adorable. How cute that he misses his big brother so much.


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