Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Grace in Small Things

1. I have a friend from college who I have stayed connected with, mostly through email and blogs, and I love bouncing parenting strategies and life inspiration ideas off her. She always motivates me.

2. Gearing up for Charley's first day of school tomorrow and I am going to be honest and admit that I am stealing little things from here and there that I heard people did for their child's first day.

3. Last night I sat at the table and did a September craft with the boys and it was my favorite half hour of the week. I need to be reminded that throwing in a little organized mommy fun is always good for everyone's soul.

4. We have our ultrasound tomorrow - NO WE ARE NOT FINDING OUT WHAT WE ARE HAVING. I think this surprise is the most special one in life.

5. I finally got my brows waxed and man does it make a difference. And it is okay if you say it to my face because I need to be reminded that doing those little things for myself really helps my mood.


Anonymous said...

Give Charley a big hug from us!
Cory was laughing sooo hard at the nukkie post. Hilarious!


Shell said...

Hope the first day of school and the ultrasound go well!

Rebecca said...

TOTALLY agree with #4...if we weren't having twins, I'm pretty sure I would have held out for the big surprise!!!


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