Wednesday, September 8, 2010

For Aunt Raina

Aunt Raina has been asking for a video post. So this is the best I could do for now...and as you can see I stupidly turned my camera and didn't remember that I can't change the direction of you will have to turn your head.

I am in need of some serious blog time to catch up on getting rid of nukkie, potty updates, our first fall craft, maybe a recipe, and then tomorrow is Charley's first morning at kindergarten. Lots going on. So for is a blip of Henry opening a package of underwear...or as he calls them "ellerwear." I wish I would have been filming from the start because the beginning was way more entertaining. Oh well!


Barb said...

The star of the show just stole our hearts!

Anonymous said...

haha! i love when he says "i'm swinging my ellerwear"!!! so fun to see tonight. thank you :) also love the little clicking of his shoes when he gets off the steps. RR

Peggy, Jason, Lily & Connor said...

soooo cute! love how excited he is about his ellerwear!! my fav is the nemo pair!!


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