Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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My mom wrote me and my sister an email this week reminding us not to wish away the long summer days, the warm weather, and the other things this season gives us. My sister and I have mentioned looking forward to fall. I know that summer is a wonderful time, long sunshine filled days. Temperatures that are mostly delightful to be outside exploring and adventuring. Without the school year routine we have the freedom to go to the pool or the zoo while leaving the breakfast dishes piled on the counter and the laundry heaped on the floor. In the evening when it is getting long as we wait for the infamous daddy to arrive home we can putter around outside (yesterday each boy enjoyed 10 waterballons for about 2 minutes but the schnibbles floating in the kiddie pool and nets kept them busy for an hour).

However, the more I talk to moms you can tell by their tone, their faces, their energy, their hair (mainly mine..because it is covered in a hat most days), that it is time for a change in routine. This mom describes how all good things must come to an end and the end of summer is welcomed in her house. The lack of routine, the long hot days, the abundant time with family is starting to wear on everyone. She describes using the word NO far to often and the requests that aren't even normal demands her children make.

So even though I am not looking forward to the extremely long winter that stretches out before us with temperatures that keep us in doors and wishing for hot summer days again...I am looking forward to darker evenings so lamps can be lit, piano music can play, cookies can be baked, the crock pot can be simmering, and the boys are tired from a different kind of routine.

 Today we spent the morning at the pool and as I watched the boys I realized that I'm Going to Miss This. Charley was happier than a clam in the water and Henry too was splashing and jumping and totally happy. I sat there and just watched and couldn't believe the happiness that a blue sky summer morning at a sparkling pool can bring to two little boys. And someday I will drop them off with their friends and try and keep busy while they explore a local pool or water park. But watching them lay out on the towels today, side by side with their little buddies, eating gold fish crackers and not worrying about anything in life...I realized that these are some of the best days of my life. And I will look back and miss them. Go here to read a wonderful reminder that all moms parents need to remember.

So we will relish these next two weeks of summer and we will also anticipate the arrival of a new season and a new routine.  One of the wonderful benefits of living in the Midwest is that just as a season is starting to get long - a new season starts to arrive and one's energy is rejuvenated.  Summer days - stretch out these next two weeks and fill them with bliss.  Autumn - we are ready for you to fall upon us with your cooler temps, shorter days, and crunching leaves. 


Danifred said...

I've learned to love each season for what it has to offer, both literally and symbolically. It can only make us appreciate we have all the more.

Barb said...

Wonderfully said! Glad you count the little boys and "beach towels" in life instead of stopping to "smell the roses", and welcome the new seasons!

Anonymous said...

These are the best days of our life Sarah, I completely agree. So fun to catch up with you today. Thanks for coming.


Anonymous said...

GREAT post!!!!!!!!! RR

Raina and Andy said...

have been waiting for an update all week! RR


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