Monday, August 23, 2010

Birthday treat ideas...

Someone commented that they were interested in some birthday treat ideas...since cupcakes didn't sound like something I supported. And here is why I am against the cupcakes and then I gave you a list of a few the top of my head in a five minute period.

Just say no to the cupcake birthday treat....they crumble as the kids take the paper off. The frosting is a disaster. The kids don't know how to always bite into a cupcake without it becoming a disaster and the crumbs get smashed into the carpet because most kids just brush them off the desk/table. The frosting is all over faces and fingers and it takes the kids far longer to eat a cupcake than .....

1. a cookie (you can even get fun decorated ones at the deli)
2. fruit snack type snacks
3. Popsicles ( teachers can take them outside - wonderful)
4. bananas
5. crackers and cheese tray
6. give each kid an entire large carrot peeled. How fun is it to eat a whole carrot like a rabbit. Hilarious!
7. a small bag of m & m's or other candy
8. lollipops they can eat while they do their math sheet or listen to a story
9. Oreo cookies or something like that
10. granola bars of some sort (they often have as much sugar as a cupcake)
11. their very own bottle of water
12. apples
13. mini carrots and dip
14. send along a bag of marshmallows, a bag of m & ms, some raisins, and fruit loops and let the kids make a snack mix.
15. popcorn if the weather is nice and they can go outside - no clean up.
16. pretzels
17. little puddings or fruit cups
18. Anything you can pack in a lunch
19. Donuts are even less messy (donut holes)
20. Any treat that a teacher can take outside (watermelon)
21. Yogurt/ gogurt type things

**And actually freezer type snacks are a bit of a pain because there isn't convenient storage for them. But still favored over cupcakes.

The district I worked in has recently piloted NO birthday treats at the schools. Since they are trying to give healthy examples and eliminate the pressure that some parents were facing spending money on treats. I remember days when I had 3-4 cupcakes delivered from old students who were given the opportunity to pass out treats. Teachers were spending valuable time passing out birthday treats. Instead they have changed the tradition so that the child gets to bring in a special book to read, pick a game to play with the class, and other creative things. The overall response has been very positive. I think they have expanded it to more schools this year. It also helped with all the food allergy situations that have made bringing birthday treats hard.

Anyways, cupcakes are delicious...but save them for a time when the number of adult to child ratio is better. Or have 30 kids over and put them in the room in your house that is the size of a classroom and give them all a cupcake and feel your stress level rise.

I am not alone on this. If you ask most teachers they will say cupcakes are fine because they pick their battles. But most don't appreciate the time and mess they make. And frankly, as a parent, gone are the days of the homemade cupcake option, treats have to be store bought. So cupcakes are a hefty chunk of change.

Again, this is just my opinion... and it is just that. An opinion.

Now let's throw out some more birthday treat ideas!  Do share!  Or if you have a solution to the cupcake fiasco do share!?

mmmm. I think I will make some cupcakes this afternoon!


~Niki~ said...

I always give my kids the rice krispy treats in packages to take for their bdays. easy. clean up is easy. no mess. no home bakin. cheap at walmrt.

Shell said...

Love this!

My oldest wasn't allowed to bring cupcakes for his birthday in preschool- I sent in mini donuts from Krispy Kreme. They were a big hit.

Cupcakes often don't get completely eaten anyway.

Oldest's treats now all have to be store bought- if the ingredients aren't on something, you can't send it in.

At the school I thought he was going to go to before we moved, all birthday treats had to be ordered through the cafeteria.

One Take On Life - Heather said...

What I think is sad is most of the treats you listed can't be brought because they aren't prepackaged.

At least not in my school district.
Yes our school district has banned treats now in the schools, and that doesn't bother me.

It is that the school district wants a parent to donate a book in honor of the students birthday to the school.

I think it is great to donate money or books, but not for my child's birthday. Just seems odd to me why I couldn't send the book for them to give to my child. But that is my opinion.

Shell said...

I came back to look at your list after visiting my child's classroom again this afternoon and finding out that sometimes, they want parents to provide a snack on other occasions, too. And I was drawing a blank!

These would be considered prepackaged at my child's school- we just can't do homemade.

Carrie27 said...

Cupcakes at all are far messier, even at home.

Busy Working Mama said...

Thanks for the ideas! I'm planning my daughter's 3rd bday party in Oct.

Anonymous said...

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