Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My brain is fried!

1.  It. Is. HOT.

2.  We are sick of being cooped up...avoiding the heat.

3.  We ventured to a sprinkler park early this morning and Henry was stung by a bee ...or something...within moments so we headed home.  He has had no reaction...and I didn't see it happen up close...but good to know that my two boys aren't allergic to bee stings...if that is what Henry got. 

4.  The last two days we have skipped Henry's nap.  He has been having a hard time falling asleep at a decent bedtime that matches up with Charley's.  And with the cooped up days and the lack of run around time I figured we would let him stay up.  He has managed quite well and when bedtime rolls around he goes to bed without a single fuss. he going to be a child who is done napping earlier than I want.  With Charley in morning kindergarten I know that the afternoons would be perfect times for them to play well with each other...yet Charley napped until he was 4 - 4 1/2 and it makes me ill thinking that Henry isn't getting that sleep.  I think we will just keep the nap going but maybe not stress if there is a day when we miss.  He falls asleep without a fuss at nap is just at bedtime following his nap that he struggles.

5.  I had to renew my driver's license and wonder about the organ donor you indicate that you will donate organs or do you opt out?  Why?  I just read a book where the issue came up and I never really thought about it.  So curious what you all think?

6.  Band aids cure all and I am thinking the 2 dollars it costs for a box is worth the happiness that they bring when moments arise...whether they REALLY need one or not.

7.  It is hot.  Did I say that...and it isn't so much the hot, but it is the humidity.  I can't even imagine being farther along in a pregnancy and dealing with it because just being this far along is awful. 

8.  Our master bedroom is out of control.  I have several...not couple...several laundry baskets and some 20 gallon tubs full of clean laundry waiting to be put away.  They are stacked everywhere and I just can't find the motivation to put it away...or the hour or three, when I have access to all three closets without two little guys being unsupervised downstairs.  I should call the neighbor girl and have her babysit while I attack it...hmmm...that is a call that I should make right now.

9.   DON'T FORGET TO GO HERE and get your name in to win the children's book Is Your Buffalo Ready for Kindergarten?   Even if you don't have a use for could give it to a teacher or friend!

10.  One more do you stay patient with your children when they spill entire bowls of cereal- with milk and then smile, fight over silly toys, do things over and over even though you have asked, say NO when you ask them to help with something...and all before 9 am?  Just wondering because lately - I am not so patient and it really makes me sad. 


One Take On Life - Heather said...

It is HOT. I don't like the humidity either, I long for my parents lake to cool off.

Naps - Hayden had to stop napping around 3 years old, for that reason too. I think it was 3. But before that I had to wake him from his nap after 1 hour or 1.5 hour, depending on when he went down. Even now with my Maddy I wake her by 3:30pm at the latest.
It helps a lot.
I was so very sad when Naps disappeared for Hayden, but then I still had him have quiet time in his room. They need that I think. Even now, he has quiet time. Gives this mommy a break.

We are going to venture out at 3pm ish, not sure how long we will last in the heat.

Rebecca said...

I'm pretty sure that everyone is in dire need of patience...I just did a post about it! I don't know how to maintain my patience except to start taking downers...then I wouldn't care about anything, right?

I would still donate my organs, but what was the book?

Anonymous said...

I'm not one to come to for advice on patience, as my hubby and kids can attest to. It is freakin' hot and humid here too. I hate it. My kids stopped napping around the age of 2. I thought it was too soon. :(

sarah said...

i feel the heat and i am not one to stay inside. if there is sun i need to be outside. we sit in the pool or shade. ride around on the rhino or occupy ourselves in the sand or sprinkler. we also eat lots and lots of popsicles.

love all ten of your comments. i am also not the person to ask about maintaining patience. i can look it on the outside but, sometimes i just want to scream on the inside.

please stop by and enter the envirosax's giveaway.

also, did you ever get my email?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sara! You asked if anyone really checks off the box on their drivers liscense about organ donation. I always do! It is so important. My sister-in-law saved three lives when she donated her organs at the time of her death. She was only 34 and outside of her heart, her other organs were very heathly. There is no greater gift than the gift of life.
By checking off the box on your drivers liscense, you save prescious time, if you are in fact dead in a car accident, for excample. There is only a certain amount of time to harvest organs and having that checked could make all the difference.
I'm a big advocate for the Gift of Life. Look into it.

And as far as naps, the 2nd child seems to give it up a little faster. I think they are afraid to miss something. David stopped napping at about 2 1/2. He occassionally falls asleep in the car if we are driving home in the afternoon, but that is because you have to drive so far everywhere here! We encourage him to lay down on weekend afternoons and he will generally comply. But not during the week. Might miss a big play opportunity with the neighborhood kids! :)
Stay cool. We've been loving our slip and slide this summer and our neighbor's pool!

Anonymous said...

I hear you on the heat, humidity, but what is keeping us indoors most is MOSQUITOES!!! They are an absolute plague here. I hate being inside all day and so do my littles.

And I too just renewed my license and I've always been an organ donor. No concerns from me!

You can get band-aid at the dollar store, or I've been using double coupons to get mine for less than $1. I've promised myself not to be stingy with them (because my mom was).

And patience, oh yeah, I definitely can run out of that early in the day.


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