Thursday, August 12, 2010

Can't get enough of these red beauties...

After three years of gardening we have learned a few things about what our garden can do.  Or rather, what the bunnies will let our garden grow.  We can do tomatoes. This year we have had better luck than any of the other years.  The amazing thing is that the weeding this summer has gone to the wayside due to my pregnancy and the heat. We have not had to water the garden hardly at all...and yet...we are getting handfuls each day! We pick 1-3 large tomatoes almost every day or every other day and we are getting a good handful of cherry tomatoes daily.  It is wonderful!  I am challenging myself this weekend to do something different with them..either some fresh pasta sauce, salsa...something. 


Barb said...

ABSOLUTELY to the max, love those boots! I would love one of your tomatoes right now!

Anonymous said...

i wish i liked tomatoes.......would love to see them popping around in the garden. RR


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