Saturday, August 28, 2010

Going for it...

We have been living in our house for almost four years. We are slowly making it more and more ours. Major house projects that we would like to do are on hold, a sacrifice we are making so that I can be home with the boys. We figure we have the rest of our life to have the floors, counter tops, finished basement, etc that we desire. As we skip along in our life we slowly have been investing in pieces of furniture that we hope will last us a looooooong time if not a lifetime.  When we make these purchases we pray that they can survive the years of light sabers, match box cars, and marker use (without the understanding of what expensive furniture means). Last weekend we took a giant step towards getting rid of some of the last of our college type furniture. Ed's tv stand has worked for us for a long time. But the tv we got in the last year was too big for it and we have known it was no longer the look we were going for.

So this we got rid of this:

and this arrived this week:

We love it.  But the darker espresso color matches our darker couch, love seat, chair, ottoman, and coffee table/ ottoman thingy.  So it is a lot of that dark color.  Our curtains are a very bland basic color.  This room needs a little "POP!" of color now.

I knew it was time to give decorating a go.  We haven't done much in this house.  What hangs on the walls are either portraits of the boys or things that we had/ have come across at garage sales.  So I stopped at a store this week when I was blessed with some "me" time.  Stores with the decorating goods aren't places for two little boy side kicks.  And I picked up a few items....what do you think?  Ed is not so sure about the items but I asked him "Are you really qualified to know what looks good?"  I really think he will like what I pick out if he knows others likes it.  I also think he doesn't REALLY care as long as it looks nice and doesn't break the bank. 

1.  Some new throw pillows.  I thought I would bring in some color to make the room "pop".  I thought oranges, reds, teals, greens, would work nicely with the wall and the furniture color.  We have two other pillows that I would like to recover.

2.  These metal flowers will hang near the fire place...I think they tie with the pillows nicely.  It is about 2 feet by 2 feet in size.

3.  The clock is the thing we are not loving the most.  But I like big clocks in other people's houses.  This one had the red, yellow, and espresso color in it. 

4.  The entertainment unit so you can see the three items with the new central piece in the room. 

Like I said a week or so ago...August is a time when I get a bug in my butt to organize, change things in the house, set goals etc. 

What do you think?  I need to find some small things to put in the shelves above the TV.  And above our fireplace I want to find seasonal things I can switch out a bit. 


One Take On Life - Heather said...

I love fun colors that pop! And it looks like from the pictures that they tie in perfectly with their surroundings (paint color, etc).
I love clocks, and big clocks are fun if you have a space - are you thinking above the fireplace or where?
My preference is to have a couple numbers on the clock, 12, 6, but that is me. I like that more traditional look.
What I wonder is - do you love each item? It is your house - when I buy something I have to Love it in the space, otherwise it goes back.
I think they all look great together!

Barb said...

I love it all so much! We've always been so comfy in your living area! I heard your feelings on the clock and tho I absolutely love the colors in it and have always loved clocks (especially big ones) I know you two have had a couple of 2nd thoughts. Enjoy..........

Anonymous said...

I love it all. I love the clock!!! I also love the flower hanging! awesome. good job. keep it up. so fun and refreshing to do that. and then 5 years from now people will come over and compliment you and you can say "oh that ol thing?" awesome.

Danifred said...

Interestingly, I've also been doing a little decorating lately- something must be in the air!
I love the clock and I think it all goes together beautifully!

Rebecca said...

The entertainment center is beautiful! I love the flower thing for above the fireplace and the clock is gorgeous. I love big clocks, but Husband always says, "who needs a clock that big to see what time it is? I have my cell phone!" Duh...he knows very little about decorating.

The Gardiner Family said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new things you picked out. You made great choices! Keep the clock, it is really a nice piece! Love all the bright colors.

Ross Family said...

Sarah....I love it all! I really like that clock! Probably my the colors! So fun to do all that stuff!


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