Saturday, August 28, 2010

Friday thoughts...on an EARLY Saturday morning

1.  I had an off week of blogging.  Boo.  But my allergies have kicked in and instead of laying there sneezing next to Ed this morning I crept downstairs to the quiet residing downstairs and enjoyed catching up on some there will be some posts this weekend and next week.  Nothing beats the quiet of an early morning - even if child number 1 pitter pats down and interrupts a little too early. 

2.  I had my appointment with my cardiologist this week.  Even though my heart has a few little things that make it special - I was told to try and relax and not let the anxiety I have when it feels like it is slowing or skipping beats.   I was assured that the stressful act of birthing this baby number three should not be cause for concern. 

3.  Friday morning was cooler and with a burst of energy I mowed most of our lawn.  Felt good to be more active than I have been.  The best part though was a call from my friend who appreciates the p things in life...popcorn, pizza, etc.  We hit the pizza buffet with our kiddos and returned home with full bellies. 

4.  The baby weight is starting to creep on.  I have held it off this far.  My body has most definitely changed but this week at the cardiologist, when they weighed me, the scale had changed a bit.  Makes sense since my belly is starting to be more real.  Pictures soon.

5.  The other night Ed sadly apologized about not giving me or the baby in the belly the attention that he remembers giving our first.  I said it was okay - that number three for me is different too.  But after he said this I felt the first substantial kick that I thought Ed might be able to feel.  So he gave it a feel and sure enough - that little doodle in there gave a nice sturdy kick to let daddy know that he/she was in there, alive, kickin', and not about to accept any more apologies from daddy about not giving it's mama a little more special attention (just kidding Ed!). 

6.  Summer T-ball ended (pause and do a happy dance - so boring to watch).  Fall Soccer has begun (pause to do a bigger happy dance) because the soccer program we have found for Charley ROCKS!

7.  I can't believe it has been a month since we were here - the cottage.  Our cottage time includes lots of time with friends.  Paul is a family friend that always gives my boys a thrill by finding "sea creatures".  Thanks Paul!

8.  We have a busy Saturday ahead of us and as the clock verges on 8 o'clock I realize that we need to be out of the house in an hour.  I best close down and whip up some pancakes to fill my boys' bellies. 

Happy Weekend Wanderings!


Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be intrusive, but I was wondering if your diagnosis is mitral valve prolapse? I have recently been diagnosed with it, and while is not life threatening, is absolutely annoying and uncomfortable.

For the Love of Naps - Sarah said...

I would gladly share my diagnosis with you!...whoever you are. Can you email me instead of comment. My email is listed up top on one of those buttons. :)


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