Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Thoughts

1. I put out an email to some local friends asking for a LOCAL sweet corn resource and today a not so close friend took the time to call and tell me she found one! So kind to have her think of me. But moments after she called my neighbor stopped by again with a large bag of corn with a few cucumbers thrown in too. Blessed.

2. It is Friday and I am so glad that my husband will be heading home in a few hours. He has had a rough week at work and I am so looking forward to a weekend with nothing on our agenda....well except getting in some more episodes of Prison Break...we are sucked in! We had lunch with daddy on Thursday, to give him a little break from the emotions at work, and the boys talked about it all the way home as being their favorite thing about the day. It was mine too.

3. Typically in the evening after the boys are in bed, I hit the pillow either to read, blog, or watch some mindless TV. Usually, I head upstairs to our bedroom and Ed putters around downstairs. I am loving that we have found a show to watch that gives us a little time together. If you are looking for an intense show...give Prison Break a try.

4. A good friend came over for the morning and we sat out in the driveway while our three boys puttered together. Then they got soaked with the hose - so fun Kim. After we headed in and enjoyed a summer BLT. A Heavenly morning.

5. I am 15-16 weeks pregnant. I forget that I am and then realize and can't believe it. I am starting to feel more energy and eating is starting to kick in. I have some anxiety about gaining weight with this one but I am telling myself that this is it...enjoy it and I can work on losing it when the time is right.

6. Corn, Basil, and my meals for meal group are on my agenda this weekend. Of course the humidity is supposed to return ...making corn and meals more of a chore. boo.

7. I put a few new songs on my playlist down at the bottom of my blog. Half of My Heart is my favorite right now!   Do you have a favorite song I should know about?

8. I bought my boys these darn play guns when we were up north...when we were wandering the tourist town it was the thing to do to be the "BEST MOM IN THE WORLD." And up there it just seemed normal. Now everything that comes out of my mouth seems to be connected to the guns and it makes me so aware of everything I am saying because anything I am saying to redirect their boy gun play sounds horrific. Fortunately, we are down from 4 guns to 3 because they left one on a chair and the other night I plunked down to talk to Ed and there was a load snap and one of the rifles was snapped in half...yes, did I say I have anxiety about gaining weight this pregnancy. HA! One gun down, three to go.

9. "TELL ON YOU CHARLEY" and "MAD AT YOU CHARLEY - REALLY MAD" continue to leave me speechless as Henry continues to whip them out whenever things are not going his way. Even Charley doesn't say this stuff. What the heck.

10. Well, Henry is up from his nap and so it is time to run and get eggs out at the farm and pick up Charley from his play date that put a skip in his step (and mine).  Life is good....soooooo good. Find the joy in your everyday little things...a clean bathroom sink (no worries Ed, ours will be clean soon), a phone that is charged, a kitchen floor without crumbs, toothpaste that isn't a battle to get out of the tube, a good song blasting while you unload the dishwasher, or the ability to call your mom or sister when the moment lends itself.

Happy Weekending - Give a shout out and tell me something you are going to enjoy this weekend or a random Friday thought!


Anonymous said...

I'm going to enjoy dinner and a movie with a girlfriend!!! and a few stolen moments with my new-walking son while daddy golfs! i love this post. i don't really forget that you are pregnant but it's going fast! eeeeeee. can't wait to meet that little one. RR

The Tompkins Family said...

I'm feeling the same anxiety about gaining weight. I'm 23 weeks today and have gained 15 pounds. I try not to cringe when I step on the scale because I know it's for a good cause but just worry that the weight will be harder to come off the 2nd time (came off very easily the first). Sigh...relax and enjoy the ride, right?!

Danifred said...

Sounds like a beautiful morning. Love your new header!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't fret about weight. You look adorable! I had so much fun with the boys yesterday. Enjoy your fresh veggies!


Stepping On Cheerios said...

Great new header. Congrats on the pregnancy. I thought I might be but alas, BFN this morning.

Happy Weekend!

Jennifer said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm trying to talk my husband into going for a third's a hard sell.

I can't believe you have my FAVORITE song on your list, Kandi by One Eskimo. I love love love it.


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