Monday, August 9, 2010

Candy! Candy! Candy!

Candy in our house lasts a pretty long time...well at least the boys' candy. My stash of candy is depleted pretty quickly. However, I am not very generous when it comes to letting my boys have candy whenever they want. Halloween candy lasts until Easter...Easter Candy lasts until the fourth of July....Fourth of July candy lasts until Halloween etc. Our chocolate Easter bunnies take months and months to finish. My boys are excited if they get 2 M&Ms. Now don't mix me up with a mom who doesn't allow candy in their life. Because my boys love and have experienced a lot of candy...they just don't have free access and they appreciate each piece that finds itself in the palm of their hand.

This year up north we had a rainy morning so I packed them up in the van and we ventured to the nearby tourist town. We wandered the streets in search of the candy store that I have visited for the last 30 + years during my weeks up there. The boys knew that was our destination and they haven't really experienced shopping in a candy store.

The excitement was overwhelming, Aunt Raina can testify, that the phrase, "MAMA! Look at this!" was shouted over and over from both boys. At times they didn't even know what they wanted to show me but they knew there was plenty for me to see.

Each boy got to pick a selection of candy from the bulk candy tubs...things like jelly beans, candy hearts, candy corn, jelly candies, etc. were selected and shovelled into their very own bags.

Upon exiting the store they were each allowed to pick two pieces to nibble while we walked...amazing to me that they were content with two little candy corns or whatever they picked. But silently I was cheering inside.

The next day we headed home from our up north vacation, which is a 5 hour drive. At one point in the drive I handed back their bags of candy and said, "Have some, but don't eat it all!" I looked in the rear view mirror to see them shovelling it in, and quickly told them to slow down, one at a time. But within moments they were handing the bags back up to me. I guess the "candy ways" in our house have taught them to appreciate and not rush the enjoyment of their candy or at least portion control is mastered.


Shell said...

What a fun trip!

I control the amount of candy mine can have- but they will eat it ALL if they can get their hands on it.

Kelly said...

The boys know my 'secret' hiding place for the sweets...time to relocate!

One Take On Life - Heather said...

What a fun candy store! I can't imagine how big their eyes were.

Love the new header:)

Anonymous said...

I loved this outing. It was so funny. And those darn LUNCHBOXES. hahahahaha. I think we left the 1 candy-item that we bought at the cottage. I wonder who ate it? probably DAD

Rebecca said...

That seriously looks like Candy Heaven!!! Love their choices though...awesome!

Jennifer said...

Ha ha! This sounds like me, I have a terrible sweet tooth but I'm way stingy with my sons candy intake. My husband laughs when I sneak some sweets as soon as my son turns his back...I know my behavior is so wrong.

The candy shop made my mouth water and I just might have to go get a sweet now! Love your blog!


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