Monday, July 12, 2010

Tag-a-long errand runners

We need milk...and eggs, bread, fruit...etc.
We have books to drop off and pick up at the library.
A carwash would be great.

The list goes on.

And most days I think...ugh, here we go..running errands with the boys.  Joy.

But really. 

My boys are joy. 

This little fellow sits beside me during Charley's 50 minute swimming lessons every morning for the last 4 weeks.  He chats, snacks, and keeps me company. 

How can I complain?

I shouldn't. 

He also takes my hand after JUMPING out of the car and reaching up to proudly close his door
He holds my hand without asking or complaining.  Blessed.

And the time will come - I am sure sooner than I can imagine.  When I will reach for his hand and he will be 10 steps ahead.  Or even worse, they will both stay home and yes, errands will get accomplished a hundred times faster with far less gritting of my teeth. 

But for today I will remember that having these little tag-a-longs, who occasionally ask for a certain box of snacks or cereal, are a gift. 
They are company. 
They are my side kicks. 
And next summer I will have 3, yes THREE, little helpers. 

Life is good...even when I have put off our grocery run until after naps...which means that for lunch we will have some very random items from the pantry. 


Busy Working Mama said...

What an adorbale little helper!

Danifred said...

Love that you have such fabulous helpers! Love it!

It Feels Like Chaos said...

Hi Sarah! I blogged a little about my helpers today, too! And I have to say, as crazy as it is shopping with my 3, the rare times when I go by myself, I'm kinda lonely :) !!!

For your question on the sewing machine, I am so-not-an-expert but my husband got me the Brother Project Runway (PC-420) sewing machine for Mother's Day and I love it! He found it on sale at It definitely makes sewing easier with things like the mechanism that threads the needle for you!!!


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