Monday, July 12, 2010

Getting re-acquainted

This weekend there was a moment when Ed and I were sitting finishing our lunch and my 87 year old Grandpa got himself up out of his lawn chair and wandered over to Ed.  He leaned in and shook Ed's hand and introduced himself...even though they have met many times.  Ed had his sunglasses and golf visor on and that might have caused a little confusion...along with the fact that over 35 relatives and a bunch of great grand-kids were scattered about for a family picnic. 

With a sturdy handshake two of my favorite men in the world reaquainted themselves and chuckled over the story of my grandpa wiring his barn back in the day ALL. BY. HIMSELF.  Making sure to "have the juice turned off" both men agreed that electrical work can be dangerous.  Every time we see my grandpa he tells Ed about moving the farm back on the land when they widened highway 57.  He proudly shares how he wired the buildings on his own and how my dad got his electrical engineer skills from him.  I sit back and take in the moment with a little grin EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. 

My grandpa treasures me as his "Schnooksie" and I am not sure why his eye sparkles so brightly for me.  But I sure do wish we lived closer so we could pop by more often.  He truly is a gentleman who has a heart for life. 

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Anonymous said...

I've always enjoyed hearing about your grandpa, Sarah. You've spoken of him so fondly and I know you have a special bond with him. What a treat to see him!



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