Friday, July 2, 2010

Links I Love

This one post, titled One, Two, Three, was a perfect read for me one afternoon this week.  This mom shares thoughts on going from 1 to 2 to 3 children.  I LOVED it!  Thanks Momastery.   Friends with three...does she speak the truth?

Do you need a laugh?  M. from This Isn't Getting Any Easier  is quickly becoming a friend who I will someday meet in a beach house with or without kids, I am up for it!  She cracks me up with each and every post she writes.  This week she wrote one titled CSI that had me laughing...actually I love the word smirk and she used it in this post.  Love that.

Be Present in the Everyday Moments by Zen Family Habits

One more to laugh at.  Suburban Snapshots writes Why Having a Toddler is like Being at a Frat Party.


rebecca @ altared spaces said...

thanks for giving me places to check out.

BixiandGoxi said...

I love the first link (I'm 18 weeks pregnant with our third child :o) Thank you so much!!


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