Thursday, July 1, 2010


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Jacque said...

This summer I want to:
*Take my boys to the lake more than 3 times like last year.
*Participate in the library's summer reading activities with at least my middle son
*Go out on the boat and do some fishing - just the hubby and me - at least once.

Amy K said...

I want to:
- pull weeds in my yard
- have a mommy/mya day
- have a date night with my husband

Shell said...

Get to the beach!
Have a night away with my husband for my birthday.
Read 10 books this month.

Barb said...

I want to:
finish reading "Fado";
catch lightening bugs with a little person;
go to Lake Puckaway with friends;
ride my bike in Sheboygan with Barb & Sharon, to the bench at Kohler Andre;
go to a medium;
go to our little beach with Bob and daydream and read;
see our picnic table revitalized;
eat on our porch.

Turning the Clock Back said...

this July I am determined to:

Enjoy my vacation, even though it means spending 8 days with my parents :)

find a new job (just lost the old one)

finally get the kids winter clothes out of the closet...Im a little late on this one!

Lynelle said...

In July we will...
-go to ND to see family
-bring my niece back to stay for 2 weeks
-lots of swimming
-paint my bedroom, hopefully
-strawberry picking, hope it works out to go together
-go to the library

One Take On Life - Heather said...

In July we will
Take two road trips.
Enjoy one wonderful 4th of July parade
Enjoy lake time and family time
Enjoy the lazy days of summer!

Mara said...

In July I want to:

DO- play WITH my boys in the sandbox and go for more stroller walks to soak in the sounds and sun.

ACCOMPLISH- strip the wallpaper border from the boys' bathroom so I can paint it

RELISH- the time I have left this summer with my eldest son before he leaves to spend time with his dad, instead of letting the days slip away with nothing done and no quality time spent one on one.

CHALLENGE MYSELF WITH- doing a Zumba class that a friend intro'd me to last week. Can't go tonight or next week, but want to challenge myself to follow through!

Sarah said...

In July...
1. I hope to get organized enough to start my to do list - ha!
2. I plan to get my two children falling asleep without disturbing each other in their new bunkbeds.
3. I will work hard on appreciating all that my husband does for myself and our family.

Anonymous said...

1. Go to Lake Elmo reserve.
2. Walk to Conny's Creamy Cone.
3. Set up the mini pool in the backyard.

Yay Summer!

Kim K.

Danifred said...

I am hoping to
- purge my office
- reconnect with at least 2 old friends
- pick some crabs

Anonymous said...

In July I will:

~Have my sister (you) and her family stay for a weekend
~Have a playdate with my coworkers kids on a Saturday morning
~Go to the cottage!! Hopefully some boat time.

aunt raina

The Gardiner Family said...

I will treat myself to a pedicure.

I will relish in the local lake with my three little girls.

I will enjoy each and every day!

I will let go of my todo list until fall and just maintain the house.

Crystal said...

This July, I hope to spend more days at home just hanging out and less time out running around.

This July, I hope to finally get started on Gracie's 1 year photo book (since she'll be 2 in August!)

This July, I really want to get in a groove with working out

Anonymous said...

I would like to:

1. Get new garage doors - one of ours is broken
2. Eat smaller portions and work out for my sister's wedding in September!
3. Enjoy the summer with my girls and hubby.

Jamie Trampe

Kelly said...

I am hoping to...
(a) get my gardens back to weed-free form
(b) enjoy more outside time with my two boys
(c) eat lotsa homemade strawberry ice cream!

april said...

top three to do in july :
1. play outside every day with my little girl - even if it's SUPER hot or SUPER cloudy. it'll be good for the both of us.
2. go for at least 3 sno cone runs a week.
3. sit on the front porch at dusk, drink a little sweet tea, talk about the day & then catch as many fireflies as we can ;)


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