Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A picture that I can't wait to share...

My boys had a super summer day today. It was probably one of my top days as a stay at home mom. We managed swim lessons, a grocery run to Target, leisurely packed up for the beach, and then met friends for a 2 hour beach playdate. It was heaven.

We got home showered and got Henry down for a nap. Charley kept himself busy with a quiet activity and I got a few things picked up around the house. When Henry woke we packed up and made a run for the nearby pool. It was our first outing to the pool. We ran into friends, who were leaving, but thanks Lynelle and girls for staying a bit longer to keep us company.

The happiness I saw on Charley's face was incredible. He is at an age now where if he is happy you can really tell and you know he is taking it in. He came up to me midway through the swim and said, "MAMA! Can we come back next year?" Bless his heart. I of course said yes...however, we will be going back many times yet this summer.

I have had Charley in swim lessons for the last couple months but what children truly need to learn to swim is just some time to gaing confidence hopping around in the water...following the lead of other children be-bopping in the pool. By the end of our pool outing Charley had realized that if he kicked when he pushed off in the water he could get himself from here to there! It clicked. So proud of him.

I grabbed my camera at one point to snap some pictures but the only one worth sharing...and I must say that this picture makes me smile so big....was the only one I needed to get. The life guard informed me they don't allow cameras...which I totally get...but I am so glad I got this one shot.

Henry was devastated that he didn't have any goggles...but our friends who we ran into, they have two girls, had a couple extra my day was saved by these cute little yellow flower goggles that Henry wore for the entire 2 hours we were there.  Tomorrow we will go to Target to get him his own boy pair. 

Both the beach and the pool today were successful outings.  I LOVE pushing myself out of my comfort zone and letting my boys enjoy summer.  How else am I going to get to watch my little 2 1/2 year old kick around in yellow flower goggles like a little fish.


Grandma Charlie said...

Makes a great desktop wallpaper!!
The boy is so funny and what is great is that he doesn't know it!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love it!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE that picture. poor henry when he's 18. :) his girlfriend will love this pic.


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