Wednesday, June 16, 2010

YOUR neck is not kinked

Right now and notice.


It is good to do this every once in a while.

There are times when things are happening and you realize how good it was when... were getting good sleep.....not sick....when your limbs were all working....when something wasn't achy....when everyone in your life was okay....when you weren't consumed with someone's health or well being....when bills were paid and there was an extra 20 in your wallet for take out pizza....when friends called to make plans....when your kids listened, cleaned up, got along, made you proud....when your windows being opened could cool the house....when all appliances were working....when doorknobs turned and opened....when cars got you to and from.....or the weather wass perfect for biking to and fro....when your children find contentment and busyness in their imagination, each other, and their possessions.

The list can go on and on. It is amazing how your child's ear infection can make you appreciate their little whinyy time in the evening or their once or twice a night wakings. When you injure yourself you realize how valuable that body part is and how you never noticed it before.

I have been dealing with a teeny tiny something and I CAN'T wait until I can just just sigh and appreciate life. It is just a little inconvience but it is something that is impacting all parts of my life. And there are moments during my day when this little inconvience is not noticed. And I think - oh! This is what it was like.

I'm just sayin'

Your neck is not kinked.
Your arm not broken.
Your children are screaming happy in the next room.
Your fridge is full of groceries, maybe not what you want for dinner, but there is food.
Just realize.

And if by chance, you are going through something that has your life in upheaval. My thoughts are with you. Hang in there. Time passes. Moments pass. Wounds heal.  Peace is found. Friendship makes you strong. And there are probably still so many good things going on around you. Try and notice them.

Appreciate it.


Beth Zimmerman said...

Oh ... Amen, Sarah! You are so right. And even when we are in pain and life is hard ... we can grow from the experience. I'm in a place right now myself where I am trying to remember that.

Hope your little annoyance ... whatever it may be ... will pass soon!

Anonymous said...

Can never hear that message enough... :) Thanks!



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