Friday, June 18, 2010

Links I Love

Strawberry season is upon us. Check out this plan of attack...hulling strawberries with a straw?! Can't wait to try it. Thanks Amy from New Nostalgia

I Charley  tried her basic cleaner this week.  I bought a three pack of spray bottles at Home Depot and used the water and vinegar recipe she has posted here.  Charley did the windows he could reach, inside and outside, and then the guest shower.  It kept him busy for quite a while!  Thanks again Amy at New Nostalgia.

Multitasking....maybe not.  Thanks to Life as Mom

Why we won't be signing up for the summer reading program by Steady Mom...makes sense to me.

Dealing with Mom Guilt by Simple Mom

A reminder as you kick off summer with a house full of kids that are used to being in school by Clover Lane

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