Friday, June 25, 2010

Lists are all I am good for these days...

1. I just can't get in a groove here on my blog. It is getting me really down. I have so many things that float through my head to share...funny, serious, exciting...but then when it comes to sitting down and composing my thoughts...I will finally admit it to the world - General Hospital wins out. Yes, I am a closet soap watcher. I Tivo it everyday and then zip through the episode in less than 30 minutes. It is my escape. I know it kills brain cells...but everyone has their little thing. And GH is winning these days.

2. I have also started an addiction to House Hunters. My husband happened to flip that show on one night and it was an episode featuring OUR TOWN and I recognized the house and it was one block away! Sucked me in...and now I have to know if they are going to pick A. the cozy cottage with the small master bedroom B. The small backyard but three car garage or C. The finished basement with deck of dreams.

3. Thank you for all the book suggestions. I am reserving them all and hope for a few to come in before my week of vacation.

4. Last night we spent 3 hours in the ER with Henry. He has had a high fever and a bug bite that seemed odd....but it doesn't look like the bug bite is related. He had to have a catheter and that was a horrid experience to support him through. Both of us were in tears. Ed had run home to relieve the babysitter who was concerned about an early morning dentist appointment - can I say we are done with that sitter for awhile. But when we did get home around midnight both boys went right to bed. When Ed and Charley picked us up at the ER Henry explained to Charley that he "had a big boy night."
Blessed. We'll see how the little trooper is today.

5. Kiddy Cocktail or Shirley Temple...that is the name of that drink! Sorry...forgot to share the answer.

6. Is it Friday? I think it is. I am so out of it. The boys laugh at the confusion they witness lately...pulling a glass of water towards me on the table but not stopping and pulling it right into my lap. Calling them by the wrong name throws them into fits and giggles...and not being able to think of simple words like ...I can't even remember what it was...maybe bucket (i think I described it as the yellow thing that can hold stuff with the handle laying there in the grass...verging on adding some "bad mommy language" very soon when both boys stood there staring at me.

7. When my husband got home from the ER last night to relieve the babysitter, who graciously popped over so we didn't have to bring both boys - YES I APPRECIATE THAT - he cleaned up the kitchen and emptied the....thing that you open and put dirty dishes in...what is it...ah, DISHWASHER. Then he filled it and ran it! I am determined to unload it first thing when I venture downstairs. I also have the goal of putting away all the laundry and finish what is left to do.

8. I pretty much forgot I owned a camera this week. Boo.

9. My nephew Eli turned 1 and I owe a HUGE post to him. All 1st birthdays are HUGE celebrations...but with the start that Eli had - His first birthday was extra huge in my, his godmother's, heart. Soon. Very soon.

10. More fun coming later today! Stay tuned.


Stepping On Cheerios said...

I think the ER should have Frequent Flyer passes that get you to the front of the line. I have been 7 or 8 times already with my boys!

Hang in there...take it one day at a time and for god sakes steal a nap or get a pedicure to relax you! Maybe you just need some "you" time:)

Shell said...

A night at the ER? You deserve a break!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the ER update. Poor Henry! Hope today goes better!

I am horrible at guessing the House Hunters pick. I never get it right.


Crystal said...

I hope everything is ok with Henry!

Rebecca said...

Weird bug bites!!!

I watch Days of Our Lives every day...even cried a little...shoot me now!


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