Monday, June 28, 2010

Grace in Small Things

1. Watching my Charley in swim lessons from the hot steamy upper balcony.

2. Running errands with my two sidekicks. They are good errand runners...hoping out of the car, holding hands without argument in the parking lot, sticking by me in the stores, not begging or crying for things, and always up for the next stop. I know I have only a few more years of running errands with these little sidekicks so I best enjoy them.

3. Found these little Life is Good t-shirts for Henry on sale at REI today. They were only $10 a piece. He deserves a new t-shirt every now and then. He also got some "ip ops". He is very proud to be like his big brother.

4. I am almost caught up on laundry. I have all the laundry folded and in baskets. I will attempt to put it away tonight.

5. Pistashio nuts.


One Take On Life - Heather said...

I love Life is good tshirts, except for trying to get stains out of them, that seems to ruin them.
I buy mine at TJmaxx for cheap! Gotta love a bargain:)
Can you ever really catch up on laundry?

Danifred said...

Ohhhh... love those shirts!! So cute!


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