Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"NO! I eat it!"

On Friday Henry and I dropped Charley off at preschool.  Then we headed to Henry's "school", our weekly mommy and me class (that involves a short seperation portion that Henry anticipates and worries about all week, but then ends up walking proudly to me after class).   The teachers described how he wasn't himself the week prior because mama was gone and Grandma was there in my place. 

When it was time for the separation part I could tell that me being gone on my Seattle trip had caused Henry to regress a bit but Henry LOVES his teacher Miss Shari and says her name all week in a voice filled with love.  When he showed up after the separation part of class he handed me a plastic spoon with two kisses resting in the spoon part, wrapped in red plastic wrap, with a note that had a cute mother's day saying on it.  He was so proud. 

He must have grabbed it back from me on our way out of school and I let him hold it in the car because I thought it was securely wrapped.  The car ride to pick up Charley was quiet.  Occasionally, Henry would say, "Help open this."  And I would explain that is a gift to mama for mother's day.  He would then say, "OH! Got it!"

When we arrived in the carpool line at Charley's school we opened the door and Charley popped in...but quickly hesitated and asked, "What is that Henry?  What is that all over your face?"  I peered in the mirror and was greeted with this:

I explained to Charley that Henry had given mama that as a mother's day gift...and Charley looked at Henry with a peculiar face and a concerned tone, "But Henry, that was for mama."  And Henry firmly replied, "No!  I eat it!" 

My gift from Henry for Mother's day was a big chocolate-y smile, chocolate sticky fingers, a jacket that was coated in chocolate, the floor covered in small pieces of tin foil...that looked a little chewed on, and a car seat that also was marked with love.

I absolutely love this age!


Rebecca said...

That's a great story...this one should go in the scarpbook!

Anonymous said...

Busted! Great picture!


Anonymous said...

Busted! Great picture!



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