Friday, May 7, 2010

Grace in Small Things #52

I am going to start doing these more often again. They are good for me. They are just good. It is so important to notice the little things each day that I am thankful for...appreciative of...amazed at...Life is full of grace...especially if you are a mother.

1. Rainy days - good music playing - clean kitchen floors - boys playing together with trains and legos - daddy arriving home earlier than normal and a little afternoon nap - ahhh! To uncork or keep corked...that is the question?

2. This afternoon I chatted on the computer with a blog friend - and I am now going to just refer to as a friend. It was such a nice little break in the day and so fun to "talk" to her instead of just read what she shares on her blog. If only we could have sat in the backyard with a bottle of wine or a warm latte...while our kiddos that would have been an even better end to the week. Happy Mother's day Meghan!

3. The feeling of balance, contentment, and peace. I feel it this week.

4. Grandma Charlie - who was willing to come and be with my babies so that I could tag along with my husband and have a much needed break. The boys are still talking about their time with her. I am so lucky to have both a mother in law and mother who is willing and able to love up my boys.

5. navy blue


Meghan said...

Love your "Grace in Small Things" posts; they always make me feel happy, as did chatting with you this afternoon! Happy Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

what is navy blue? RR

Hattie said...

Great post!!! There's nothing like "girl talk". It can always put you in a good mood. Oh, and how I love naps at any time of the day! Ha! Hope y'all have a great weekend and I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!


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