Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Thoughts...

Feeling a little out of sorts.

Trying to get the house cleaned up from letting it go during the REALLY hot days without air.

Windows are open again - because it makes me happy.

Too tired at night to read, comment, or write blogs.

Our grass grows too fast...mowing constantly.

Henry had his last class today.
Charley has one more week or so.

I am ready for summer.
Lazy mornings.  No where to be.
We were overscheduled last summer - we will live opposite this summer.
We will let the days unfold.
Spur of the moment fun.

Enjoying water with a lemon floating in it.

I am adjusting Henry's nap schedule. It seems if I keep it under 2 hours he goes to bed at night like a dream.

It is hitting me that Charley will be a kindergartener next year. UNBELIEVABLE!

I am terrible at keeping secrets.

Today Charley asked, "When are you going to make gravy, again?"
Not sure when I actually made gravy...that is my mom's thing at Thanksgiving.
He wasn't sure what he would eat the gravy with...hmmm....

I call my mom and pester her way too much during the day.
Emailing my sister is a highlight of my day.

The dollar store has these huge pencil like water shooter things that my boys LOVE.  They have spent hours spraying things all around the house.  I will go get more...since they only last for awhile and the stores are out of them mid summer.

We need a new backyard kiddie pool....the one we had (a blow up elephant thingy) lasted 4 summers.  Do we go blow up or the hard blue plastic...need advice!  We will not do anything that has to stay up for longer than a day or two.

The world is a small brother-in-law's little girl might go to the same daycare as a childhood friend's little guy....too weird.  But very cool!

I need some new shorts.

A friend blogger did a post recently answering questions that her readers had for her.  I LOVED hearing about the little things in her life that I always wonder.  If you are wondering about something ...about me....send your question (email or comment) my way and I can see about getting a post of answers. 

I have a recipe or two to share...but I want to make it and take a picture first.  Too hot - lazy. 

Okay, enough rambling.  Just letting you all know that we are alive and living full lives here.  Just too whipped by the summer temps in spring to do much more than drink a glass of Simply Lemonade and gaze at my boys playing wildly with their water shooters. 


The Gardiner Family said...

We have the blue plastic pool with a slide, all my girls love it! You guys can come over and try it out next week if you want!

I have a few of those pencil sprayers and they are a huge hit!

Danifred said...

You just summed it up. I am also all over the place these days.
I'm definitely ready for some lazy summer days myself :)

Anonymous said...

I love this! You are so cute!

Colleen said...

i LOVE this post. It is real and natural and just wonderful to read.

Crystal said...

I have been feeling the same way - am finally reading about a week of blog posts tonight.

We just bought our pool at Target on Saturday - it's a blow up kind with a dinosaur theme. It has a little waterfall and a small slide, and comes with 2 inflatable dinosaurs to float on and play with. It was only $29.99 and the kids love it.


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