Saturday, April 17, 2010

Links I Love...a little late!

7 Reasons We Love a Simple Home from Making This home

A new blog I found this week had a post that grabbed me and made me want to read the book.  I so related to the list of lies I tell myself!

This post titled Letting Go is a great reminder that we all parent differently.  We do what works for our family, our kids, our happiness.

I am going to try and remember this...Simplifying Discipline.  It makes sense.  Noble Mother is a blog I just stumbled upon and it looks like one that I will lurk around at.

Just curious if anyone likes these links that I share....I have tried to do it each Friday because I enjoy the blogs that I read that do it.  Let me know if I should continue....


Danifred said...

I enjoy clicking on other people's blogs and checking them out. I say keep them coming!

CJ Sime said...

Are you kidding me?! I love link roundups. It is a great way to see what my favorite bloggers like. It is a great way to find fun new blogs.

I haven't noticed in the past if you theme all of your links but the general theme this week seemed like HOME. I enjoyed every link and even favorited 2 of them.


Anonymous said...

I love that you share links. They always hit home for me. I specifically liked the Letting Go post!!! RR

Crystal said...

I always check out your links and each week I have found at least one, if not more, that I loved

michelle said...

thanks for the plug:)
I also loved your other links.
we must have similar good music and vanilla lattes.


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