Thursday, April 15, 2010

Friends + Farm = Fun

Yesterday we ventured on a bit of a drive to a farm.  It was totally worth the time in the car (and when you go with others and have a fun friend to chat with...the drive is nothing!). 

Our first moments were spent gazing into the cleanest chicken coop one could ever imagine. 

The chickens were amazing.  Charley thought maybe one was laying an egg and sure enough...when it stood up there sat a beautiful warm brown egg. 

We got to tour inside the barn...we expected this meant looking over a fence or through the bars of a cage...NOPE!  We were encouraged to enter the chicken coup.  We found ourselves surrounded by the birds.  The farmer left us for a moment, door open, and about 10-12 chickens escaped but Melody and I herded them back into the coup.  Both of us laughing...a little nervously. 

We got to learn about eggs and why some are white and some are brown.  That chickens lay one egg a day...taking a day off here and there (made me appreciate the eggs we got from our local farmer).  We learned to test the freshness of an egg you can see if it sinks or floats!  Charley explained that the eggs we have in our fridge come from a chicken farm like this.  He was so proud - and so was I. 

Next we got to hand feeds some little piglets.  So cute.  So friendly.  So amazing! 

Yes, the entire time I am watching my boys kneel in the hay where I know they are exposed to dirty stuff...but the energy and awesome-ness of the whole experience was worth it!  So we washed hands often. 

After the piglets we hiked a bit through the farm area and then returned to Millie the cow.  She and her 4 day old calf entertained the boys for a bit.  We got to brush her, milk her by hand, and just pet and talk with her. 

The whole experience was TOTALLY awesome.

It rained as we ended our outing so we sat in the van and ate...gotta love the 30 cup holders!  And by the time we got home it was 1 oclock and time for Henry's nap.  

 Many days we stay close to home, doing the same old routine things.  I love those days.  But I also love pushing myself to drive a little farther and go somewhere out of my comfort zone.  I am usually totally proud and happy that I took the time to do it.  It gives me a chance to live life with these two little guys who look at the world from a different perspective.  They take my hands exiting our minivan and excitedly tell me what they hope to see or do.  And even though I am stressed at moments because the bottom of their shoes are caked with poop...I am thrilled to have given them this new experience that has broadened OUR horizons. 

If you live in my area I would TOTALLY encourage you to take advantage of this farm.  If you live somewhere else..I encourage you to pack a lunch and go have an adventure.  Getting out of the daily routine and challenging yourself to a new thing makes this time home with your children that much more rewarding.  And today - in our pjs still at 10:45, we all are a little happier. 


Goings on at the Glenn's said...

very fun! I love days like that. Staying home all the time can get pretty dull sometimes. Cute post. My kiddos are still in their pj's today and it is almost 10:00 too.

Barb said...

Can you just copy this entire blog and send it to Great Grandpa?

What a wonderful experience!

Meghan said...

What a fun day! It really is fun being out and about, and the kids remember days like that forever! Good luck getting the poop off the shoes. We use old toothbrushes to get the job done (and when I say "we", I mean my husband)! :)

Shell said...

What a fun day! I'm so excited that it's Spring and we can do things like this now. :)

Danifred said...

That sounds like so much fun. I don't know why we don't take more advantage of the farms in our area more often.
I do love those days when we get out and about, trying something new.

Anonymous said...

i wish we lived closer so we could go on these excursions with you!!! can't wait to see you guys! RR

Stepping On Cheerios said...

Great outing, great photos. We need to do more of this kind of thing...a few bad experience with our first like when we went to the petting zoo and all he wanted to do was ride the car you needed to put a quarter into!

Crystal said...

Looks like a great time!! I am a big believer in taking my kids out for adventure too - but also relish those pj days :)

Grandma Charlie said...

Loved seeing and hearing about this outing...made me miss those 2 guys so much...can't wait til the end of the month!

Momma Such said...

Great photos! I love that first one! :)

How fun!

Thanks for stopping by and entering my giveaway today! Isn't that an awesome giveaway? :)

One Take On Life - Heather said...

Sounds like fun and such great pictures. Do you think outings are more fun when you have another mom to share them with?

I always think it is more fun to go on outings with either my husband or another mom and her kids. Just something about it.

Hattie said...

Sounds like y'all had a ton of fun! Love the pics. The boys are so cute! I need to find a farm around here to take the boys to. They would probably love it just as much as yours did!

Anonymous said...

What a cool day, Sarah! Great pics too! I bet the farmer loved showing you all around.

Kim K.


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