Thursday, March 25, 2010

Letting the Zoo Consume us for a WHOLE day!

This week I planned on enjoying my boys to the max.  I wanted to let go of some of the routine chores that I feel I need to accomplish during the day and just let my boys have me.  Charley is on his spring break from preschool and we have had some fun days. On Tuesday we ventured to the zoo with some friends who have boys that match my boys in age.  Henry and S. are great friends, whether they know it or not.  And Charley and T. enjoy each other to the max.  I always enjoy the mommy chit chat with Melody.  And this outing included her other children-which is fun!

Normally, we go to the zoo for a max of three hours - since we live so close, have a membership, and that is all I can usually handle.  But the weather was gorgeous and springish.  The boys set the pace and we just sauntered about enjoying the sunshine, seeing animals, balancing on curbs and walls, climbing and sliding at the park, picnicing in the fresh air, and even enjoyed an ice cream cone...a splurge I never do. 

Our 3 hour trip turned into 6 hours and when the announcement came that the "ZOO WILL BE CLOSING IN 30 MINUTES!"  Melody and I looked at each other shocked that the day had gone so long but had been smooth and happy.  

Not rushing home for Henry's nap..or so that I could tidy up...was such a good feeling.  We were all wiped out but I had such a good feeling of having spent the day being with my boys...and good friends.

When you find friends who match up with your family - moms and kids enjoying each other - you have found a gift...especially when you choose to stay home and can find yourself isolated, doing things with just your kids day after day.  So to join together to enjoy a spring day, it makes a trip to the zoo that much more fun!


Jamie said...

Love the photos. Looks like such a wonderful day. I wish we could all have more of those, don't you.

Samantha said...

Love the pictures! The zoo is so fun :)

Beth said...

Love the zoo pictures and I agree with you ... days like that are wonderful!

Messy Mommy said...

Last paragraph? SO SO TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!! That is one cool looking ice cream cone!

Glad you had a great time!

It Feels Like Chaos said...

What a beautiful day! And your comment on my blog made perfect sense!

Meghan said...

I strive to have a day like yours! I love the new photo collages you've been doing. Also, what is your system for getting photos off the camera and onto the blog in such a timely manner?


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