Thursday, March 25, 2010

Things I love Thursday: Masking Tape Fun

Masking Tape!
This is a post from a while back but with the chance of rainy days that throw off our plans to get outside for fresh air, I thought I would re-post for any new readers and link it to Things I Love Thursday.  I love that when I first posted this Henry was kept from this area and Charley was still napping - good times.

I have recently gotten back in touch with a couple of my hometown friends. One of them, Kimberly, shared this amazing idea with me this weekend. Thanks Kimberly for the awesome is amazing what a roll of masking tape will do to the decor in your house. Charley and I taped off this amazing road (this is only a small area of it). We continue to add more. Poor Hank has to stay out of this area....someday he will be down there brrrmmmmmming cars and trucks too.

I know it has been a good morning when I don't have trouble getting Charley down at nap time.

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Rebecca said...

What a good idea? I love how it's like a little town! I guess it's against the rules to use the tape to get the kids to stay still while you do this, huh? LOL

Rebecca said...

Crap...I meant, what a good idea! That wasn't a question.

Hattie said...

You are such a clever momma! My boys would love that! We just have the cheap carpet our builder put in (ugh!) and I would be scared the tape wouldn't come off! Ha! Hope the weather gets better so y'all can go out and play in the sunshine!

Shell said...

such a cute idea!

Little Lizard King said...

I'm here from Girl Creative. What a fabulous idea!! I will definitely keep this in mind.


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