Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Grace in Small Things #51

1. My husband and his many looks.

2.  The imagination of my boys - here they are finding refuge from their mama's vacuum.


3.  Spring in Minnesota.  I LOVE how in the spring we get days like today - gorgeous, no jackets needed, hours spent outside - even with high winds.  And then days where it is like December - cold.  It eases us into the hot days of summer.  It gives us rest from the fresh air.  It reminds me how important getting outside is...but allows us to hunker down and enjoy being inside too.

4.  I love that I have friends that can pop over spur of the moment.  They accept me, my messy house, my dirty faced boys, my fridge that is lacking items, the crumby floors....but when friends come over and sit with me while the kids play - it means I sit and chat and watch the kids play.  And this requires me to slow down.  I love that. 

5.  Feeling organized for Easter weekend : 
               Morgan's package shipped - check
               Not stressing about cleaning - check
               Delegated menu items - check
               Located Easter baskets - check
               Ham is ordered - check
      More to do but not feeling overwhelmed...yet!


Messy Mommy said...

Way to stay on the ball! If I wasn't such a procrastinator I could maybe host a family holiday again. :)

Anonymous said...

Those are some of the best things! Today was a perfect spring day in Colorado - wind and all. It felt so good to ignore everything that needed to be done inside the house and instead spend the afternoon outdoors, soaking up the sun.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to EVERYTHING and seeing EVERYONE and hoping Sarah isn't too tired to enjoy everything too! Love, B&B

Life Without Pink said...

Look at the boys in the tent, so cute!!! I am so ready for nice weather, I hear this weekend is suppose to be in the 80's in NJ...yikes not ready for that though!

Anonymous said...

It's going to be a GREAT Weekend. I'm so excited. I hope eli travels well and stays healthy so he can start to giggle with your boys. also-i love that picture of ed! RR

The Gardiner Family said...

Love the picture of Ed!


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