Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Grace in Small Things #50 - Visiting mom and dads

1. Sleeping in or rising slowly - when I visit my parents my mom is always up for my boys to come running (yes, running is how they roll) out to her to play in the morning. This of course allows me to wake leisurely...a BIG treat!

2. Playing games - we are a game playing family. This week Henry (2 years old) learned how to play Uno (he says ENO). He needs a little help but he gets it and is patient and engaged for game after game.

3. Seeing other family - visits with old friends, seeing my cousin star in her high school musical, and of course seeing my sister and her family all were little bonuses to visiting my parents this time.

4. Food - it is always nice to have my mom take over the meal duties...I get a rest from deciding and prepping three meals a day. It is also a treat to have her cook some of the meals I grew up enjoying (rice meatballs, etc.). We can't visit grandma without a visit to Skip's for a hotdog.

5. It is a vacation going to my mom and dads. I get to sit back while my dad entertains the boys after dinner for an HOUR every night - what a treat! I get to visit with my mom, watch TV shows with someone (since Ed doesn't usually like what I prefer to watch), lay around, and more.

The drive is long - but as I make my way back in the dense fog today I am thinking of when I can get back down there.

And as soon as Ed walks through the door the reality that the trip is over, the exhaustion that comes with 6 hours in the car with my two little boys, and the content feeling of being home again settles in and tears fall. He tips his head, smiles, and surrounds me with a hug. I love going home, but I also love coming home to him.


Shell said...

Other than the 6 hour drive, it sounds awesome!

Kelly said...

Nothing better than going "home"!!! Glad you made it home safely, hope you get a good night of sleep! xo

Nick, Ali and Kendall said...

Sounds like you had a GREAT vacay!! Lucky girl!! Enjoy the rest of your night!! :)

Messy Mommy said...

That's it. We're packing up and heading to grandma's! Fortunately for me, she's only 50 miles away!!!!

shellycoulter said...

Sounds like a nice restful place to recharge! :) It's always great to come home!

Ellemes said...

I'm with Messy Mommy; off to Grammy's Roo and I go!

Sounds like a lovely time - worth the 6 hours.

Rebecca said...

It is THE BEST when someone else takes over meals!!!

For the Love of Naps - Sarah said...

Yes, totally worth the drive. Now to get back into the normal routine - with two over tired and hacking boys! And a hacking mama - we all came home with hearty coughs.


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