Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: skiing for the gold....







Okay, to be honest I meant for this post to be 'wordless' but it was too big of a moment today.  We signed up Charley for his first official ski lessons.  He will have three this winter.  Next year - even more and we might get the little bugger up above in some lessons too because he was very interested!    Charley's lesson began at one o'clock and it lasted 90 minutes. The 6-8 other little ones in the lesson were all adorable.  Henry and I hung out and watched for an hour but then headed home for his nap.  Ed stayed in hopes of hitting the slopes with his partner in crime after the lesson.  They just called (5:00) and they were still I am guessing they moved off the bunny hill...since it has been 3 hours!  

But here is what is so cool about today.  The place that Charley is taking his lessons is in a nearby town.  And the hill is where this Olympic athlete learned and began at the age of two.  And tonight at 7 you can find out if she wins the gold!...or you can go here and find out!  So on the day that this ski athlete competes for the gold - Charley begins his skiing career - on her old stomping grounds!  Very cool!  I will have a very proud papa on my hands tonight! 

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Anonymous said...

Too cool! Can't wait to hear about it from Ed's perspective!


Anonymous said...

i am sooooo proud!!!

Grandma Charlie said...

I am so proud of you Charley! And of Daddy too!!


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