Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our week so far...

Monday Charley attended a birthday party at Chucky Cheese...and I had planned to hover and be there...I am so not ready to leave him at a public place like that.  But I did it, I gave him the freedom and the chance to be a kid without hovering too close.  Granted the party was for one of my closest friends little girls so I knew he was in safe hands.  Henry and I wandered the halls of the mall and grabbed up some deals at GAP.  

Today, Tuesday, I bustled the boys out the door and we spent the morning at the zoo. We were lucky to be joined by friends at the last minute. We have a zoo pass and it is one of the best investments for our family. I am able to take the boys for a couple hours (without the feeling of having to spend the entire day), we pack our lunch, they run...and run...and walk...and walk. Today Henry walked the entire time. Granted, we only did the indoor part of the zoo - but for two hours the kid tromped along. I spent NO money - yes, the goal of a SAHM.

Henry has been loving a book about a dolphin...yet, he is stubborn and insists that it is a shark. But today at the zoo he immediately let me know that he does in fact know the word dolphin! Charley took in the zoo at his usual pace (fast!) but I think he paused longer at each animal today.  He was in awe watching the lady feed the fish.  In the picture below she had the children put their hands on the glass and then she came by and put her hands on the glass to show them how thick it was.  Meanwhile, Henry touched a bearded lizard type thing. What a brave boy!



The afternoon was definitely filled with a nap for Henry.  Charley played with a friend and I got a few things done around the house.  Another spur of the moment late afternoon playdate is heavenly for us mamas.  A  little chat time and help getting our kiddos through that 'bewitching hour' before dinner and daddy/or bedtime, can do wonders for a mother's soul.   The 'big' kids played outside and the two little ones watched from the window.

Tomorrow it is back to the normal routine of Charley heading off to preschool and Henry and I hitting up the grocery store.  HOWEVER....tomorrow afternoon is going to be huge! 

One afternoon last winter we got Charley up on downhill skis.  Ed took him and Charley loved it.  We promised we would sign him up for lessons this winter.  So tomorrow at 1 o'clock think of my little five year old...send a few prayers for a safe lesson.  I am so excited for him.  He is signed up for three 90 minute lessons and tomorrow is his first.  Ed is taking the afternoons off and will enjoy a few runs himself (is that what it is called...runs, ha!  I have no idea - I am not a ski bunny.)  My stomach will be in knots as we strap to pieces of wood to his little feet and send him down the hill.

The first two days of our week have been full and busy.  I have not forgotten to pause and relish the fact that our household has not been hit by the nasty stomach bug that is creeping into households and taking over for a day or two.  We have been blessed with many healthy days this winter.  I hope that your week is off to a healthy and happy start.

Happy Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

as a HUGE SKI LOVER...I have to say how proud of Charley I am!! and proud of you guys for letting him try!! That is soooo fun! I'm a little jealous, too, since I CAN HARDLY WAIT to get lily up on skis..but i'm excited to get the FULL REPORT!!! I will DEFINITELY think and pray for Charley at 1pm today!!!!

The Gardiner Family said...

What a great day in MN to have your first ski lesson!

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Wow, Chuck E Cheese, the zoo, and a playdate? Ya'll have been busy!

Confessions From A Working Mom


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