Saturday, February 27, 2010

Update on my nephew!

Many of my friends and family that read my blog last summer when I mainly shared it with just that, real life friends and family, probably remember when we 
This is the day when my sister became a mom.  She grew up before my eyes as she fought, prayed, and lived for her little miracle - with her husband, Andy, at her side.  I wanted to share an update on the little E-Bug, who is growing and turning into a little rugrat that is soon going to be mobile, with purpose and desire.  He is at that glorious stage of sitting up but not getting how to lay back down - so all the mamas reading this right now know what my sister's nights are like.

So here are a couple shot of the little bugger these days.  Next weekend I get to see him!  And I can't wait!  I get to be Aunt Sarah and my boys get to expose their little cousin to all the Big Boy fun!


Anonymous said...

He's precious!


Barb said...

Popeye and Squirm is what I'm calling him these days. He's come such a long way!

michelle b said...

i found your blog via melissa's and chuckled over the domain name...becaus ei can totally relate...coming from another mom of two boys!! (oh just for a minute's peace!!)

following you now! love the photos of the boys playing uno in helmets! classic!!!

Anonymous said...

he sure is a cutie and is moving right along it seems these days! happy you will have a visit with him soon!


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