Monday, February 1, 2010

My son is impressed...

Henry brought one of our Star War's ships for me to fix...and I was trying to fix it...wrong...and he was telling me NO!  He knew it.  I did realize and fix it but the guy that he was trying to fit in the ship didn't fit.  I said, "Sorry buddy, you are going to have to pick someone other than Boba Fett."  Charley was standing beside him watching intently.  But slowly, it sunk in, and Charley's smile came.  IT CAME.  AND IT. WAS. HUGE.

"How do you know he is Boba Fett?" asked Charley in awe.

"Because, my son, I love you, and I am listening.  ALL. THE. TIME."


Heather said...

Love it, so cute:)

Shell said...

How sweet!

Hey- not that you are going to respond to that with a comment on here, but if you change your settings to get an email notification whenever you get a new comment, you can respond to people's comments right from your email. :)


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