Friday, January 29, 2010

Thinking outside of the box....the lunch box that is...

It's Friday...we have had a long week.  We are looking to spice up life here on this FREEEEZING Friday.  So I got out two muffin tins and served lunch Muffin Tin style....

Homemade Mac and Cheese
half a hot dog
a piece of cheese

I got this idea on another blog I read...but I can't find it now.  It isn't a new idea...but if you are like don't always take the time to think out of the box to put a different spin on getting your kids to eat or making lunch fun.

Smiles were big.  Everything was devoured.  We'll do this again soon!  Maybe a Muffin Tin Monday Lunch tradition is something to start.

Another fun way to feed the kids will be coming soon!  Stay tuned!

Update:  found the link.


Anonymous said...

love this. really really really really love this idea!! VERY cute and teachery!!

Anonymous said...

love it! aunt raina

Amy said...

how pretty and fun is that? I am going to use this for after school snack time. Too bad my muffin tin isn't as clean and pretty as yours!!

shellycoulter said...

I love this! Great Idea! I know my two year old will love it! :)


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