Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Little of This and a Little of That

I was calm today because of this post that I read just before falling asleep last night.  I did get snappy when cleaning up tonight because Charley tends to think he is helping clean up but really continues to play.  Ed has been working long hours...going in early and working later.  It makes for long days for me.  And the boys miss him.  When he does arrive home he is swept into play immediately.  But with the long day...I was calm...and I was patient.  Thank you McKMama.

We started Henry's new ECFE class today.  There were several more people in the class making it a lot more overwhelming for my shy guy.  In these environments he CLINGS like nobodies business.  I find it frustrating at times but am realizing that this is his little personality right now and I will just embrace it.

Charley continues to spew Star Wars trivia ALL. DAY. LONG.  I have no idea how he even knows stuff because he has only seen episode 4 a handful of times and episode 5 once.  After Henry woke from nap they got busy with the tinker toys.  Suddenly they appeared in their winter jackets - hoods on.  They were being "Darth Mar"?  I have no idea if that is how you spell it...I have no idea who that is...but they played for a good 45 minutes in their winter jackets, with hoods, and their tinker toy sabers.  During snack they sat side by side and plotted...I am amazed at how this five year old big brother can play so nicely with his two year old little brother.  Henry will say, "Chewy."  And Charley will respond, "Yes, that is Chewy's ship.  It is flying to blah blah blah." Henry replies, "Yep." And off Henry goes flying to blah blah blah. 

The other night at kindergarten orientation when it was time for Charley to go with the teachers to investigate the kindergarten area he hesitated.  I was so overwhelmed with the whole event that I immediately started to panic and insist that he had to go.  Ed put a hand on my leg and turned to Charley and said, "Would you like me to go with you?"  Off they went...leaving me with tears in my eyes...because it is moments like this, when my partner in life amazes me with his level headed rational calm response.  He is such a good daddy.  And I am so glad we compliment each other's personalities at the important moments.  

Tomorrow is Friday and Charley and Henry will know that when Daddy gets home Friday night it is the weekend.  Mama knows it too.  A cozy simple weekend is what we have in store. 

Happy Friday!


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The Gardiner Family said...

Thanks for sharing that post. A great way to start my day!


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