Thursday, January 14, 2010

Delurking day....

I began blogging over a year ago...a good friend shared her blog with me and encouraged me to play around with it.  I am a teacher and I am currently taking a break to be home with my two boys.  Teaching is a profession that offers a great creative outlet...not being in the profession on a daily basis I found blogging started to cure me of my need to create.  So I built a nice family blog that I shared with friends and family.  I kept them up to date on our daily comings and goings. 

I soon discovered that writing a blog was fun but reading other blogs was incredible too.  I found inspriation and validation in knowing that there were other women going through many of the same day to day experiences and finding humor and happiness in the journey.  As I read I started having thoughts that I wanted to get I started stepping away from just sharing a snapshot and a blurb.  I started reflecting and sharing more about my journey as a woman and mom.  Posting a picture of the zoo and saying we had a delightful time is great but taking a moment to reflect on a peak and valley to my day started giving me pause.  It encouraged me to slow down and even on a rough day find a moment I wanted to remember or change. 

I am in awe that there are a number of family and friends and friends of family and friends that stop by and read my ramblings.  I am NOT a writer and actually, for many years growing up, I stressed my mom out with my poor grammer and writing skills.  So you might notice I over use the ...... and other silly things.  Sorry. 

I love that people email me thoughts or share their day.  It has brought me closer to old friends from high school.  It has connected me with new mom friends that live right here in my neighborhood. 

While reading other blogs out there I notice that many speak of friendships that they have made through blogging.  Connections that have changed their lives.  Women who get together once a year and enjoy wine and conversation.  I LOVE the idea of this. 

I decided that this year I wanted to continue to enjoy reading blogs and to continue to challenge myself in the writing for my blog.  I am also challenging myself to connect with more of the blogs I read.  Most of the time, in the past, I have enjoyed reading so many blogs....many are listed on the left hand side of my page.  I rarely commented...and then I realized...that just like me...they probably wonder who is reading what they write and what do they think.  So I have challenged myself to say hi, throw out a comment, and engage in the conversations that are out there in the blogosphere.  It has been so fun! 

So today, I challenge anyone who stops by my silly little say hi!  STOP LURKING! And tell me a joy that you have had today.  Is the sun shining, are them temps more reasonable, did your little one get his coat on without a battle, did you get out of the house on time, was your parking spot prime, did a coworker have a joke that gave you a smile, is your day almost over, is tomorrow Friday?  Was your coffee extra yummy, did you get to sleep in, did your husband leave you with a kiss, are you caught up on laundry... What has given you joy!

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading and for taking a moment to comment or email every once in a while.  It really does put a skip in my step!  2010 my goal is to make even more connections while still making this a place that will give my boys a glimpse who their mama was on a day to day basis...because I would give anything to know how my mom did it - and did it well!

Happy Thursday!


Barb said...

Reflecting on today, I am so lucky to have two great friends from Sheboygan who will venture down tonight for their annual Thursday night "sleep over" and visit away from their husbands. All three of us love it. They know which bedroom is theirs when they walk in; we all love white zin or another new wine; dine well; watch a chick flick; and usually do something a little different every year, but always spend Friday wandering around Lake Geneva and gabbing about fun and or serious things in every single store! We talk and talk and always eat lunch in some special place where we order whatever we want! Usually my friends go home with bags that they sometimes must hide for awhile :-) How lucky I am to have such special friends who accept me and our home as is.

gschneider said...

I was planning on renting a car for today to catch up on some grocery shopping, but today it's 41 in Flint, so I got out the Burley trailer and pulled it to Kroger. Sun in my face, courteous drivers, and I actually missed my turn on the way home because I was enjoying the ride so much. I'm skipping the pool today to give myself a rest, but I'm tempted to get back out on the bike.

Anonymous said...

The joy I had today was I became an Aunt again! My brother and sister-in-law had a baby girl this morning. Her name is Rose Lynn Nelson. We can't wait to visit her tonight! They live right by my parent's so we are pretty close. My baby is due in 2 weeks so they will be close cousins!

Proud Aunt Jamie Trampe =)

Anonymous said...

my joy today is good friends. when i have a rough moment or string of moments, my closest friend is always there--even when her life it very busy and i'm sure it's difficult for her to listen about mine. my other closest friend was there to listen countless times and i love him so much for it. they are both so important to me.

anne said...

My joys for today both involve time with friends: first, I spent some time packing for a weekend trip that my son and I are taking to visit friends in Michigan and, second, after dinner I am meeting a friend at the high school's indoor track for a walk.

Heather said...

Being able to clean the house while one child is on a playdate and the other one naps. It is a joy to just get it done without anyone underfoot.

Carrie said...

Hmmm... a joy from today....

I am recovering from surgery (hysterectomy) that I had on Dec. 16th. Today was the first day since the surgery that I had a full day- no naps, no resting- I took my kids to school, grocery shopped, cooked, etc. etc. And yes, I am tired now, but I am so glad to begin to feel life return to normal. I could skip going back to work in a week and half, but... hey, you can't have EVERYTHING.

I too have been reading for a long time, writing for awhile, and have found my writing has changed (I still write about our daily escapades, but there are still some more 'meaningful' posts too... and I just started commenting. :)
Enjoy your blog.

The Gardiner Family said...

a joy I had today, was being reminded that I love being home with my girls. I have little ones not feeling good and it feels good to know I can stay home tomorrow and take care of them.

Cheryl Drevlow said...

This was a good weekend. I connected with 2 former students who have started a company to help refugees find employment. It is a company called "CLOTH" and they are furnishing sewing machines and cloth for women to create beautiful scarves. They are going to sell them on line and in various places at open markets, etc. I am just so proud of these 2 young women, Oona Mitchel, and Candance Patel who are giving of themselves to make a better life for others.
I also love reading your blog about all the great things you do with your kids! That's the stuff that keeps former teachers felling good about life!


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