Monday, January 4, 2010


Henry's birthday has arrived.  Big Brother Charley has been obsessed all day with the presents.  Partly, due to the fact that he didn't know what Ed and I got Henry.  Charley picked out some Star Wars guys that are perfect for our two year old Star Wars enthusiast.  Ed and I managed to come up with a couple fun things for him. 

I know that because of where his birthday lies, we will forever struggle with ideas...since it so closely follows the Christmas season.  I am so excited with the ideas that I gave to family and the ideas that Ed and I came up with because he received all toys that will grow with him and be enjoyed for YEARS!  Proving this with the excitement Charley showed for each item. 

One of the gifts I will share with you today. 

I read about these people on one of my favorite blogs.  You can find her post here.

Her post got me so excited because my boys LOVE "guys."  For Christmas they got a bunch of Star Wars "guys."  Which they LOVE!  BOTH OF THEM!  Henry's favorites are Chewy (I am sure I am spelling it wrong) and Ben.  He carries them around and talks about them.  LOVE. IT.

I struggle with the Star Wars Guys because I don't enjoy the movies and therefore know very little detail about them.  Therefore, with my five year old son, Charley, I am unable to play Star Wars "right/correct." 

So when I read her post I got excited.  I figured these people would give the boys a break from the Star Wars play.  Henry would totally understand these figures - he knows Grandmas and Grandpas and brothers and sisters.  He knows babies, boys, girls, moms, and dads.  And similar to this other blogging mom - I do worry that our life doesn't expose them to as much diversity as I would like.  So why not throw five families of people into a bin and let the play begin. 

So my mom and dad, my brother, and sister (and family) went in together and got these.  TOTAL last minute gift idea that my mom, of course, magically made happen.  THANK YOU! 

Each family (there are five families: a Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American) arrives in it's own package.  Each family has a Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Dad, sister, brother, toddler, and baby.  Ed and I quickly opened them and poured them all together in a bin that I previously purchased for these very people.  Henry immediately found this fellow:  

and announced:  "SANTA!  SANTA!" He has since carried him around and even baked a cookie for the gentleman!

And my heart pitter pats because I LOVE these people and the fun that we are going to have - the fun I am going to have playing "right".  They will invade our castle, play hide and seek, pose for family pictures, go to school, and they might even battle Chewy, Luke, and Darth Vader someday! 

Thank you family for such a great gift. 


Barb said...

Thanks for sharing! They do look fun. How was the Dora cake?

Anonymous said...

Oooh! Those "guys" are awesome!!!


Anonymous said...

these loook SOOOOOOOOOOOOO fun! i want to email myself the link as a reminder for lily later on!!! soo sooo fun! way to go Schneider family!!


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