Friday, January 29, 2010

Grace in Small Things #46

1.  Watching my three boys laying on their tummies while Daddy shows them the blueprints to a new project he is working on ....some kind of train cab type thing :)

2.  Listening to Charley direct Ed on what moves to make on the Star Wars video game....Charley speaks fast and non-stop and very firmly.  You really hear nothing from Ed...except a confirmation response "Here?  This?  Huh?"

3.  Listening to Charley talk to people on the phone....he strolls around the house and jabbers on and on.

4.  Charley and Henry did the 30 Day Shred routine with me today...they build their own dumbbells out of tinker toys.

5.  Tonight at dinner Charley quizzed Henry on his day at school.  He asked sincere questions about what Henry did at school.  Henry tried his best to answer them.  It was adorable.  At lunch Charley tried to teach Henry how to do a knock knock joke...I had to leave the room...partly because it was seriously frustrating but also sooo went something like this:

Charley:  Knock knock
Henry:  knock knock
Charley:  No say Who's there
Henry: kay
Charley:  knock knock
Henry: knock knock
Chalrey: NO! Say Who's there...

This repeated for FOREVER. Then Henry finally said "Who's there"...and Charley lost interest.  I LOVE that Charley takes the time to  hold real conversations with his little brother who is still a one word answering machine...for the most part.  He is starting to speak in small favorite, "Water please."


Confessions From A Working Mom said...

This is so sweet... particularly teh boys participating in the 30-day Shred. No better group of cheerleaders, right?

Maybe I've just overlooked it in my prior visits, or maybe it's new, but that Anna Quindlen quote at the top of your blog really touched me tonight. I am so goal oriented that I often look to the "next big thing" with my daughter... thanks for reminding me to cherish the small moments, too.

Confessions From A Working Mom

Anonymous said...

The knock knock conversation is hilarious!


Karen said...

I love you Anna Q. quote and sometimes as a mom you just get so busy with the things that make up days. But I tell you, now that I am a "gamma" for the first time, I am sitting back and absorbing EVERY minute I have with my grandson. Thanks for the thoughts....

Shell said...

My boys are like that with knock-knock jokes, only my oldest gets so irritated!

I'm glad you "de-lurked" so I could find my way to your blog!


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