Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Driving preschool carpool...

I get to witness these little boy conversations (Charley age 5 and Tyler age 4)...

They started out disagreeing that deer can fly....because Santa's deer fly.  But after a serious explanation by Charley they came to an agreement that only Santa's deer fly not the deer here.  And then they both gazed out the window with little smiles on their faces.

Then Four year old friend Tyler explained that he was still in his pjs because it was pj day in his class.  He told Charley that his grandpa gave him these pjs (said with such love) and "even when they are dirty (said in a whisper) I still want to wear them."  Then they both giggled.

Finally, Four year old friend gave Charley a run down on level 8 of Super Mario Brothers for the Wii....beating some giant "Bowser" character or something...flashbacks...I think I remember that thing.

Then Henry and I stopped at Target to get a couple grocery items that we needed to complete a few upcoming meals.  Henry desired a cookie and today he gave the gal at the bakery counter a HUGE smile and even a "thank you" after she handed him the free cookie. 

Staying home with my boys and doing some of the everyday little routines often gives me so much joy some days.  Don't get me wrong, I really miss feeding the part of my heart that has a passion for teaching, but I am determined to do that again.  And this...I can't do again, so I am going to just smile to myself as I tote them around and listen to their life realizations and reflections.  Because it is going so fast and they are so precious.


Grandma Charlie said...

Yes, they are so precious. Thank you so much for sharing these moments in their lives, Sarah.

happygal said...

Some of my very favorite moments and conversations heard have been in the car with my boys. What fun. Just so cute to hear them relate and connect and share (and even bicker a bit sometimes)


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