Sunday, January 3, 2010



I am forever chilled.

Smartwool socks, slippers, a couple warm tops...and still - there is a chill in my bones.

Standing by the windows in our house you can feel the cold bite you.

The doors and windows have ice trying to squeeze it's way into our house. 


It is too cold to let the boys go out...-11 ...and that doesn't include the windchill.

Thankfully, the sun shines...but it doesn't help much.

A cup of hot tea, amazingly does help.  It warms you from the inside.  A cup of hot cocoa does too...but one can only drink so much.  A glass of red wine with dinner gives a glow to one's cheeks...but it doesn't take the chill from the bone.  

The month of December is an exciting winter month...the anticipation of the first big snowfall.  We can't wait so we can go shovel and play in it.  The holidays consume us and inspire us to leave the house in a bustle without hats and mittens...our holiday fever keeps us warm.

..but in Minnesota (and Wisconsin) we begin the long haul.

The endless days of dreary cold have begun.  The biting below zero temperatures have gotten comfortable and will be here for the next few months.  We have at least 3-4 months of winter yet. 

And I will try really hard to not become a bear, hibernating in our home where we are more likely to be cozy warm.  I live here - and I am glad.   But gosh -

It. is. cold.


Barb said...

THOSE are real snowflakes! Great update on Henry and what a change in one year. Of course he has his wonderful big brother as a role model. Eli and Morgan are next to let us see their personalities......

Anonymous said...

my cold story of the day is that normally i have to park my car and walk about 1/2 block to the train in the for who knows what reason--the parking lot was jammed at 6:20am and i had to walk about 2 blocks in the frigid cold. it was sooo sad to me. i really am a cold temperature person and days like today make me cold in my bones, too!


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