Saturday, December 12, 2009

What have we been up to...

I feel like lately I haven't been writing as much about the activities that keep us busy during the day.  And boy have we been busy.  Not only does Charley have school three mornings a week but Henry has school one morning of week with me.  Charley has been busy with play dates at our house and theirs.   Then slip in there prepping for the upcoming holidays and life is busy.  Tonight while daddy is out shopping I am sitting here watching Rudolph with my two boys.  Thinking back to the last week...this is what we have been up to.  I hope you are taking time to enjoy each of these days building up to the holidays ahead.

The boys had a cozy morning with daddy this morning after their evening of shopping for mama at Target.  Ed took both boys and let them pick something out...can't wait to see what they picked.  While they were home this morning I was out checking things off my shopping list.  We are coming closer to being all done with the shopping part of the holidays. 

This afternoon we joined daddy and rang the bell for the Salvation Army.  It was bitterly cold but the boys helped for about 45 minutes...Henry and I took a few breaks inside the store.  I think the boys inspired a few givers.


We have been baking up a storm.  Friday afternoon Charley and I whipped up all of these cookies.  He is such a great helper.  He is also getting the hang of wrapping.  They aren't perfect but he is busy, we are chatting, and his fine motor skills are coming along with each package he attacks! It is getting him excited to give, however, we'll see if he can keep the secret.

 Thursday we attended the December nature center class.  The boys learned about birds.  They made binoculars, painted with feathers, fed the birds (even though it was way below zero that day), and met a real owl that sat perched on the instructors hand only 6 feet away!  He only attempted to fly right at us twice...causing Charley and I to jump!  Always a great time!

Tuesday we had dinner with friends....saves the mama's from long evenings with husbands who work late...these nights that happen spur of the moment make these nights fun!

We have been doing crafts up the wazoo.  One of them was for school.  Charley had to decorate a gingerbread man...

Busy moments in our household!  I try to remember that the days preparing for the Christmas holiday are just as much a part of the holiday itself.  Slow down, say no to something, give yourself permission to eliminate something from your to do list, and put your feet up and take it all in.


Grandma Charlie said...

I love your rundown of activities, very busy, but still finding time to ring the bell, how great for the kids to experience that!

Anonymous said...

fun to know what you're up to!! just want to say that i can NOT WAIT until i can do little projects with lily!! like bake with her, wrap gifts with her, but especially arts and crafts!!! i promise i'm not wishing this baby/toddler phase away--i'm just really looking forward to this part to come, too!


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