Sunday, December 6, 2009


So tell me...what is your tree trimming experience like. We always pick a really cold moment to go pick it out. We are all excited and get bundled and after looking at 2-5 trees we get impatient and just settle on one. Then I put these huge expectations on a cozy decorating experience with the boys. Seriously...tell me yours is similar...or what the heck are we doing wrong...

First off my husband has to sit for hours and figure out which bulb is out and get all the lights working. Annoying to me...and probably to him but at some point I think he actually enjoys it...he is an engineer. This year he got some tool that actually tests them and then fixes them. WOO HOO!

Getting the lights on goes fine....however, once it comes time to decorate ... I don't is just never how I dreamed it would be. First off Henry starts grabbing like the ornaments are toys. Charley continuously says shouts, "HEY MAMA LOOK AT THIS blah blah blah." I swear, the "Hey Mama" thing put me on edge after like the 10th time. After Ed finally finished some task in the basement and came upstairs, then at least 50% of the time it was "Hey DADDY! HEY MAMA!" Don't get me wrong - love the excitement...but to respond to every single ornament that he pulls out of the box is a bit much.

At one point "Bah Humbug Daddy" pulled me aside to share a brainstorm.  He suggested, "BAH! Next year we should let them pick out five ornaments to put on the tree and then eventually they can have 10 someday."  WHAT!  NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.  And as I sit here and type this I remind him he suggested this and we both laugh.  In the moment it sounded so good.

Once we got it mostly decorated, we realized it was leaning a bit and seemed Ed hunkers down and tries to fix that. 30 minutes later after Ed has pine needles smashed into his cheeks, and I have looked at it from every angle a million times and am trying to confidently say that it is straight...we have this:

Mom and Dad...I know you are SOOO jealous of our angel on the top of our tree.  For those of you who don't know...until I was married my parents put this angel on the top of their tree because:
a.  Their little preschool daughter made it years ago and they wanted to support her creative expression.
b.  It was just so darn gorgeous.
c.  Their daughter who became a kindergartner - college graduate demanded it.
d.  All of the above!

You will notice the use of recycled material: the toilet paper tube.  
I think the day we got married my parents presented this baby to Ed and wished him well. 

We are soooo close to giving up the "REAL" tree thing and going for a fake one. We both grew up with real trees and for some reason we really value the real tree. However, the lights, shape, straightness, tree stand, just starting to make us rethink this whole thing. Not to mention the fact that we travel quite a bit around the holidays and can't keep it watered (however, this year we have a handy 2 liter bottle contraption that my mom and dad used to use).

Yet, when it is all said and done....the smell of pine and the chuckle over the entire experience was well worth it.

I am just hoping that our household isn't the only one who takes the possibility of a cozy morning with coffee or hot chocolate, Christmas music, excited little boys, and comfy pjs...and turns it into a morning where I wanted to pour myself a large cocktail....

There's always next year to have that perfect family moment....or not...because that just wouldn't be right - the holidays are all about exactly what we experienced this morning.  I love my family and I love our tree.


Anonymous said...

You're tree looks GREAT!!!!! When I see it with the lights dim like that, I only imagine a very romantic, calm, hot chocolate drinking, special tree trimming experience. But I know better! Eli slept in his car seat in his room as Andy and I argued about the lights. Then he refused to help me and put lights around the windows while I put the lights on the tree. I did get him to put up about 10 ornaments. HA!!! I think it is not the "expected" or "dreamy" experience that everyone wants it to be. RR

Ed, Sarah, Charley, and Henry said...
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Sarah said...

Oh good! Now I know that it is either a normal at least for you and I. The trees always look better in the evening/night. I also figured out how to take pictures of things like the tree or xmas lights at night with my camera..I am so pumped! I can just imagine you and Andy doing your own thing - huffy just a little...

Anonymous said...

Maybe try getting the tree and hanging lights one day. Then decorate it the next. That way it builds the anticipation :)


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