Sunday, December 6, 2009

I can never have to many....

This weekend we did a kid swap with a friend so that I could DRAG Ed Christmas shopping with me.  Then tonight we watched their kids so they could do the same.  For three hours Ed and I stumbled around trying to check things off our lists.  Many times we would both wander in different directions and then one of us would realize that we weren't accomplishing anything.  So then we would kick it in gear and move on.

I realized this weekend that I LOVE planners...calendars, organizers...etc. 

Twice Ed caught me in a planner aisle or calendar store...once I told him I was going to look for something in a calendar store, you know the ones they set up seasonally.  He said he would be two stores up looking for something else on our list.  Eventually, he comes in and says, "What the heck are you doing in here?  You have been here for 20 minutes!"  I had three mom organizers in my hands and had to show him each one.  HA!

I could seriously fill out a new calendar every day.  I love finding the right writing utensil.  I love writing everyone's birthdays - even though I never look to see them again.  I love filling in our activities.  I miss filling out my lesson plan books.  The other day I mentioned the planner below to Ed.  I was super excited.  He pointed out that I have my computer and phone.  My Mac has an awesome calendar program and I USE it.  Every day!  However, it isn't the same as writing things in a planner.  So here is the one I would buy today if I had an extra 20 bucks in my pocket.  The whole site is pretty neat.  There are different things that I would get for different people in my life. 

This planner system  from lobotoME looks SO FUN!  It looks big (9x12) and easy to schedule lots of little tasks during your day.  I love that it has a place to keep track of your water intake!  I also love that it has a spot to record your dinner plans, exercise, and household tasks...I think I would give myself one unique chore to accomplish each day as a challenge...oooh fun!  I know I am weird.  The shopping list is in the corner; this allows you to easily snip it off and go!  This website also has tons of fun notepads.  Check out these.  But if you are like me...and you aren't shopping for yourself right now...given that it is the holiday season and there are far too many other loved ones to buy for...check out this free little thing.  I have it on my computer desktop screen right now and I LOVE IT!

Everyone has their thing...the item they can never have too many of.  The thing they LOVE shopping for.  For some it is shoes...others purses...others dishes....others jeans....jewelery, watches, jackets, lotions, chapsticks, wallets, I don't know.   For of my loves....planners.  Never realized it until my husband couldn't find me and I was in heaven browsing planners.


LobotoME said...

Hi Sarah - Thanks for the lobotome love! J :)

Kathy Kendrick said...

You are your mother! (And that's a good thing in my mind!) Always the calendar and book filled with all of her special dates. And when she wasn't looking, she dropped it in the lake. I have never seen anyone jump into a lake faster!


Sarah said...

We are different though. My mom had the exact same calendar every year...maybe the cover changed from black to brown. And she always writes in PENCIL! And I like to mix it up and then regret it...I am slowly loving pencils! Thanks for reading Kathy!

Kathy Kendrick said...

I read your blog all the time. Just don't usually leave a comment because it always sounds so stupid when I re-read it. And I love pencils too--especially the yellow "mechanical" pencils that Kristin gives me.

Sarah said...

I feel the same way when I comment on other blogs but I have learned that no comment is stupid. It is so fun to hear what others have to say about the topics you write about...comments are footprints that share that you read and stopped by! They make my day!


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