Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Random updates...

They (who ever "they" are...I don't really know) are predicting 7-10 inches in our area starting around noon today!  WOW!  Our world is going to turn into a winter wonderland overnight!  I hear areas where we have family are getting even more.  Drive safely loved ones.  The first big snowfall is always the worst for driving...we forget the tricks to driving in snow.

Today is a day of cozy brother time.  Yesterday Charley had school and then an afternoon playdate.  Poor Henry was so sad.  Charley did pop home for about 10 minutes between school and the playdate.  When I walked Charley out to the car and came back Henry had big tears running down his cheeks...saying "Charrrleeey" so sadly.  After nap he woke up "Charrrrleeey?"  So sad.  So today the boys will enjoy each other to the max.

Many friends have emailed me stories of their tree trimming.  I am at peace knowing that many have similar stressful experiences....or have given up the expectation of decorating with the kids.  One friend described decorating it herself, in the evening, with quiet music playing, humming, and reminiscing about holidays past.  Sounds delightful.  Another friend explained that growing up Santa came and decorated the tree.  Every morning she would race downstairs with her brothers and sisters to see if he had come delivered the magical tree.  Her dad called this year while she was in the midst of cleaning up broken lights that her son had shattered on the wood floor.  And after surviving the "MOM!  MOM! MOM!" thing that I went through...she called her dad and said, "Next year Santa would be doing the deed."  LOVE IT!  Kind of a magical way! 

From the sound of it..the stereomood link is loved by many of my readers.  I still haven't taken a moment to try it but the word on the street- worth it - Oh wait!  It is free!

The LobotoME site is awesome...a friend shared that the woman who creates these planners also links to her blog at the bottom of the site.  In her blog she links to a great kid chore chart creater.  You download it and it has spots to type in the  ways you want your child to CONTRIBUTE to the family.  I love the use of the word contribute.   The size of print adjusts to fit the spot all on its own.  And it is cute.   AND IT IS FREE!

Last night Henry had trouble falling asleep...might be his teeth again because he was chewing on his fingers and drooling again.  I went up for the fifth time to quiet him - he was shouting for "MAMA!"  So I picked him up, he put his head on my shoulder, and I whispered about what he could eat for breakfast and what we would do today.  Then I laid him down and told him to think about what he wants for breakfast.
He said, "Toast?"
I replied, "Sure you can have toast."
He repeated, "Charms?"
I assured him, "Yes, Toast and Charms."
He replied, "Bacon"
I replied with giggle, "No, we don't have bacon.  But you can have toast and Charms."
He giggled, "Charley?"
I ended, "Yes, Charley can have Charms and toast with you in the morning.  Good night Henry."
He sighed (literally sighed this!) "Charrrrleeeeyyy"

The kid idolizes his big brother.  Love this.


Anonymous said...

i hardly know your boys personally, but I LOVE THIS amazing brotherly relationship, too!!

Sarah said...

And Lily will be an amazing BIG SISTER! Can you believe that she is going to be a big sister! I remember realizing Charley was going to be a big brother and not comprehending it until it really happened.

Barb said...

And Ladies!!! When you love your first one so much, you wonder how you can love a second equally, but you do! Our hearts are amazingly large. I almost get tears hearing about Henry's sibling love/need for Charley.


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